How does someone with schizophrenia have a relationship with someone who dosent have it

I am wondering how my friend will be able to have a successful relationship with someone who dosnt? Also the partner is frustrated with him because he shows no sexual emotions when she needs to be involved. She is ready to end this but dosnt want to end abrouptly.

My boyfriend doesn’t have sz, but he is bipolar and has heard voices before. There is a difference though between people who have symptoms and who live in the world of psychosis. Living your daily life based on hallucinations and delusions is a lot different than someone who heard a voice and thinks they’re losing it. I do get frustrated with him when I tell him what I’m experiencing and he tries to relate to me. But I get the empathy I’m looking for from this forum, from people who know exactly what I’m experiencing. All of your needs don’t need to be met from the person you are with. My boyfriend and I also rarely sleep together. His meds affect his libido and I have issues with men. But we both know how to get off by ourselves. My point is not all of your needs need to be met by one person. If that person is who you want to be with, make it work. :sunny:

Think about what is important. Sex or the relationship. If sex is a big deal then maybe she needs to look somewhere else. It’s hard to have sex if you believe ppl are watching or can read your mind. Meds make it hard to have the right feelings.

First off… med compliant or treatment compliant and not in denial about having this illness is a major step. When I was denying I had this… not med compliant… resisting all treatment and help… there would be NO way I could be in a relationship.

My girlfriend doesn’t have a mental illness… but she did say that she had a favorite Uncle who has battled with Sz. She is understanding of me and my bad days. My glitch days don’t seem to throw her for a loop.

The sex… between my tactile oddities and her past horrid relationships… it takes some work and patience. But we’re working on it.

If sex is the make or break issue in the relationship… there are sex therapist.