Advice on reconnecting when turned away


Hi I am new to sz, I have been with my wife for 28 yrs since teenagers and recently had our 22nd anniversary. We have always been ver close, attached at the hip so to speak and constantly touching and hugging. About 3 yrs ago she started to develop symptoms but we found confusing but did not understand and just became use to some of her strange thoughts and beliefs. They gave her comfort and helped her connect more deeply with the family. However in the last 3 months it precipitated badly to where it was obvious she had sz. She went in voluntarily for 3 days and was diagnosed with acute paranoid delusions from sz. To cut to the chase I have always been her best friend and closest confident but three weeks ago she turned on me and ran away to her brothers. Eventually after a couple of weeks she was taken in involuntarily. I visited for 3 days and then she told me her heart was severed from mine that there was no love, I had never been her friend just somebody put there to continually hurt her and to go away and never to see each other again. We have children and a grandchild etc etc. I have since stayed away and they have given her meds by needle. I have always been deeply in love with her and by her side in all things. During the weeks apart she took me off as primary carer, told the staff I could not be told anything, readdressed her mail etc. I guess I am looking for advice on reconnecting and some hope that this is normal and reversible situation. Thanks for any comments and advice.


No she is I the mental health unit in the next town 1.5 hrs away. Her brother sees her everyday, but was against her going in as he believed that no matter how ill a person is they should have the right to live how they want and have the right to refuse medication, even if in a psychotic state. He also thinks she would be better off with him though he has rarely ever been I her life till now.


Thanks I will read up. Fortunately she put my daughter on as principle carer before being taken in so I hear about her treatment. The mental health unit are going for a court order for continued treatment which they get for a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period wager by she has to turn up for injections or will be taken back to the unit involuntarily.


i am sorry about your troubles i hope you are able to rekindle what you first had.
take care


Hi ive been with my partner 10 years he was diagonosed with schizophrenia 6 years ago.There has been plenty of times he’s turned me away when been unwell.He’s spent over a year altogether under section in hospital.The only advice i’d give you is if you love her enough be strong and be there for for her no matter what.Our relationship has obviously never been the same since but I love him and will support him all the way.


I would say yes this is normal and yes it is reversible. It’s not your wife pushing you away but her SZ symptoms. Hang in there. Sending love :heart: