My mom just became a multi millionaire

a few days ago my step dad’s mom died and she lived to be 97 and I’m sorry she passed away but everybody in my family knows that my grandma Jackie is worth millions and now my step dad and my mom have half her estate. I don’t expect anything to happen to me monetarily but at least I will be taken care of when my mom dies. I rely on my mom quite a bit but not near as much now that I can support myself better. Anyways, its weird thinking of my mom as rich. My biological father is rich but I never saw a penny of that money.

In Buddhism we teach that our environment is a reflection of our inner selves. I remember you writing a post that you’ve given up some things, congrats by the way, and are saving money. Maybe because you are working on your own inner qualities your environment is showing this. Just a thought. :sunny:

Interesting @SunGirl that kind of goes along with “synchronicity” too does it not?

i am glad for your mom and the comfort that brings to you…

In a way. Just as there are laws in science, there are laws to the universe. The mystic law and cause and effect are some examples. Think of your environment as a mirror to your inner life. If you ever want to know what you should work on, just look at the types of people you keep on encountering. :sunny:

well tonight I successfully painted an R2D2 picture that is life size. My point is that I was with my instructor this afternoon when I was painting and she always says she has been praying for me. She is very devout. I wonder if her prayers locked up with mine in power to bring about this new way I see things. @SunGirl I haven’t seen you around it seems in a long time…how have you been?

I’ve been doing school full time and have been super busy. I’m nearing the end of the session so I thought I would see how everyone is doing. Everything is wonderful though. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating 7 months next Tuesday, and I am so in love with him. I have A’s in school. And I’m going to be volunteering with a cat shelter soon inputing data into their database. I’m very happy :smile: I’ve had a couple of meltdowns recently I think because of the stress, but I’m good. I feel like my treatment is finally on the right track. Congrats on quitting smoking!! I’m working on cutting down now. How have you been? :sunny:

I am happy with my life, my girlfriend and I are getting closer all the time. I look forward to the holidays. She has two dogs that I am quite close to since they are my companion during the day when Angie is at work. I’m happy that you are in love. I think love and hope are really important in one’s life. you sound busier than I’d like to be I think. haha…good for you.

Nice news !! Like winning the lottery. Only you knew it was coming, right?

It feels good to get close to someone doesn’t it? Yeah I’m looking forward to the holidays too. Actually just the winter in general. Jason was saying the other day that he can’t wait for the colder weather so we can snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie. I am busy, but I’m doing school online so I can handle it. I’m glad you’re happy. You sound like you’re doing really well. :sunny:

@chordy grandma jackie has been ill a long time but not suffering because she wasn’t mentally there, but yes, we knew it was coming.

I’m sorry for your loss but I understand how it can be a relief to know you’re taken care of financially, even if you don’t intend to use the money on yourself right now. You never know when some kind of emergency happens and you may need something. I try not to think about it, my dying grandfather is worth, well we don’t reveal things like that in my family but it’s enough after it’s split between my mom and her brother that we can live off on and possibly get rid of my SallieMae debt. I know it would be a relief but I love my grandfather and am happy he’s still hanging in there though he seems to be rapidly decreasing in his health, and his mind (altimeters/dementia).

@sohare1981 if you have student loan debt with SallieMae you can get out from them with a signed statement from your pdoc that you are permanently disabled. Hope this helps.