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Alternative Meds

My son has been seeing the same Practitioners and Nurses for several years. He is not showing improvement. This group has him taking 2 large doses of Thorazine daily aling with other meds. The Thorazine makes him tired and sleepy and resultantly he sleeps 18 hours a day. It is obvious when he discontinues the Thorazine because he is awake and alert. However, he grows delusional.
He has asked the NP about changing his meds away from Thorazine but he was told it is not a good idea.
I am not sure what I should do. I know there are better meds out there.
Your suggestions please…

Take him to a psychiatrist… Don’t like him see another one and so on, been through a dozen of them over the years. The NP is full of shit… IMO pill pushers are the best, not much bullshit talk, cant talk away SZ… Wife is totally gone, for years, but she can bullshit a psychologist, and be perfectly normal for about 20 minutes… her max is 30… She fights it well… I never say a word, all i do i smile at the hot Russian doc… in her 50s, all i can say, russians have damn good genes…

Changing meds brings some risk, but it can be done carefully. Do not settle for something less than what can be his best. Is there a doctor associated with the same practice? If not, get doctor references from others. A NAMI Support Group or Family-to-Family class could be useful for that. Don’t rule out other treatment options. And also be sure the doctor (or other treating medical person) has his complete history. For example, I know a situation where the psychiatrist was not aware the patient had ADD as a child. Once that was known, it helped determine a change in meds that seems to be helpful so far. Also, you can research meds at

if hes reasonably stable on the meds, id stick with it…as regards sleep, he will grow more tolerant in time

There is a list of supplements and other helps on the Home page of this Forum, although not very current they might lead to some additional ideas and places to look for more info.

A recent article on the study of use of curcumin as an ADD-ON in persons with SZ especially to treat negative symptoms.