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Am I wrong to insist on meds?

My husband has had schizophrenia for 4 years and we have been married for 19. During the last four years, he has had three episodes, the last of which was in June. Usually, there have been a couple of days during onset where my husband has enough insight to want to take medication. In June, we tried really hard to access Haldol, which is the drug that always brings him out of it in hospital, but it was the weekend, and by the time we got seen, it was too late.

I was pregnant then, and when my husband came out of hospital, he decided to make a legal document that would state his symptoms and his wishes for treatment, should he fall into psychosis again. The document wasn’t legalised because he started displaying symptoms (as outlined by him, when he was well) again before it could be. This was two weeks ago. Symptoms this time are mild, probably because he upped his other meds at the first sign. So now he believes that he has a spiritual affliction, is talking all the time about God and his connection with God, is mistrustful, cold and distant with me, and has had one or two episodes of a few hours with more extreme psychotic symptoms, but these have gone away.

I am still pregnant, and I have fought really hard to persuade him to take Haldol, which is what he wanted to happen while he was well. But he says he is fine, doesn’t need it, and, honestly, this time IS a bit different - he hasn’t fallen into full-blown psychosis the way he has done in the past. I’ve been pushing for Haldol, assuming that the same thing would happen again, i.e. that these were early symptoms to a full-blown psychosis, but it’s so hard. My husband is saying it’s “evil” to have to take Haldol, that it’s my fault etc. So even though he has now agreed to take it, he is reluctant, telling me that he is compos mentis and so it is evil. Admittedly, I did say that I wasn’t prepared to be with him if he continued in this new state indefinitely (as he now no longer wants a legal document and disagrees with what he wrote on it), but I was telling the truth. I’m pregnant, and I don’t want to be with him in this state. I want my old husband back, not the husband with these new beliefs and priorities.

Now I feel awful. Am I telling him to take drugs when he doesn’t need them? Is he right?

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Its doesn’t sound like at this point he even cares about the stress he is putting on you. All he can think about is what’s going on in his own head. I don’t think you are wrong about wanting him to be medicated. But it may have to go further with some hospital time to get him to taking the meds. If your feeling and thinking something is off it probably is. But please take care of your self. If maybe your have family you can stay with as a back up if it starts getting to bad for you. Taking care of yourself would be his priority for you also if he was in his right mind. Hope things get better for all of you.

Your are right on insisting on medication. He is now well since he was recently taking it, and may be well for a little while. But likely will go back to full blown psychosis. With a baby coming, may be he has a motivation to go back to meds.

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He needs the meds. There are injectable forms if he can’t stick with regimen but you may need court order. He had to understand if he wants to have a family he has to follow your lead bc he unfortunately is sick. Be safe .