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An episode coming?

TV is bothering my wife. She says she cant understand what’s going on and every noise esp suspense is provoking her

Validate her feelings. Don’t try to solve it. In trusting you, she may share more information that will help you know how she is doing. Ask her if there is anything you can do to help her. Would she rather not watch TV (which is OK if that is what is causing paranoia or other abnormal thoughts)? These things all may give you clues as to how rational or irrational her thought is.


I asked her what types of show she would enjoy and she picked reality tv but still gave her anxiety. She has delusions that I’ll cheat or already have which will never be the case. I love my wife so darn much. I hate to see her suffering. Her memory is getting really bad from all the psychosis. Basically been in psychosis for a year now. She agreed to take the risperdal shot so that’s a major +. She argues within herself whether to take meds or not. She also forgets to take them so shell never get stable if she continues that path. Her appt is on tuesday. I pray this medication will help her. Everyone I’d appreciate the prayers! I hope & pray this will be her ticket to a calm and sound mind.


I am adding prayers for you and for her. Let us know how the appointment goes. There IS help and there IS hope…but you have to do the work (prayer is important, but God gives us tools!!) Find support (NAMI) and learn how to use LEAP. Seriously. We have no excuse if we don’t do the work.

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go in nature , walk and talk and listen… she is scared. if she isnt on medication or is she may need more.

Good ideas…find her “safe” activities…her “safe” places.

Consider a white noise generator. They make mechanical and electronic ones. You sometimes see them in psychiatrist offices. I had two I kept in a drawer in my office to drown out background noise. I was especially sensitive to unfamiliar voices in the work environment like new-hires or when they rearranged cubicles outside my door. I could have closed my door or put on headphones, but I felt it made me appear unapproachable.

Interesting idea. A HEPA filter (to clean the air) generates white noise!