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Any carers care for 2 adult children who dont get on?

This is the situation that my mum finds herself in.
We fight… we dont get each other half the time - or almost aĺl the time
One brother lives with Dad is very unwell and i’m in remission for 13 yrs
am married / independent but still need emotional support and practical help
We fight so often and it must drive Dad insane

I will not fight with him again
How do i even do that?

my two sons don’t get on…they fight a lot…they both have a bad temper and things get heated too quickly…

ive recommended RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL which is anger management group therapy…one of my sons went along and it improved…just google RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL


Most families have arguments within them.

I learned to try to walk away from an argument, and to later apologize.

I could never promise to ALWAYS be kind. I think arguments happen in the best of families. I do promise to ALWAYS try to do better next time.

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