Just frustrated and Enui

It’s been a hard week and I need to recharge the batteries. I want to be supportive but I’ve been making mistakes again.

How do other caregivers break the cycle of low batteries and just feeling that your not doing right by the person your caring for?

I wish I could hit the reset button, but I can’t seem to find it. This has not been my best week. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes and grow as I go. But I still feel a bit defeated.

Some days I feel like I’m loosing this battle.

Hi kidsister!I’m sorry you are having such a rough time!The only advice I have is to surround yourself with things/people that bring you comfort.Anything you can do will help-venting to someone,music,getting out of the house.It’s very difficult to keep balanced when you feel like you’re in a war zone.Sending you hugs…

I can really relate. On my best days I just wait until nighttime to read or write in a journal to recharge. Often though, I find I need to get away altogether with friends or on a day trip to get away. I am lucky in that I have family and friends that are happy to take my daughter for the day or a weekend. Sometimes that is too hard also if she is in a bad place. I have worked hard to find that for myself in the past year. I used to just wear myself too thin, and then resented my situation entirely. Do you have a support system around you or are you all alone? If this is the case, there are still programs in most towns that can help you. Try and be good to yourself

Stop blaming yourself. I know that is blunt however I think might be necessary :blush: You are not making mistakes. You are being the loving, supportive sis you have always been. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned but that doesn’t mean the journey or the incentives are wrong. This hiccup will pass. Have faith. Have a bath with candles and good book.

I’m right there with you kidsister. We were cruising along pretty well last week, son being med compliant - which seems to make it that much harder when his thought processes deteriorate, and I have to make the decision that he needs to make a visit to the hospital. Which we did today. I honestly wasnt sure if he would be admitted - that might be due to me just being more accustomed to listening to him - I suppose to someone else, it was completely clear.

And I feel crappy for doing this - I mean, he has really been TRYING, but something just isn’t working - I can only HOPE it was the right decision.

You hang in there, you are dealing with so much more than other young people, and doing it with much grace. We all want reset buttons, of that I am certain!

I have a case of the hiccups. Thank you :wink: I wonder how I can get rid of my hiccups?

Don’t know about hiccups, but I just ate a reeeeeelly big chocolate chip cookie - which I didn’t need, but I sure did enjoy!!

I splashed out a little bought some green tea mochi.

my brother will dip these in chocolate and then I end up eating more then I should.

Oh, no you didn’t, lol! Enjoy!

You’re both on the same side, right? You both want some of the same things. My sisters are both cool but we have our little flare-ups and disagreements. Relationships are hard.

Thank you Nick. I have to keep that in mind.

I consider myself very much on my brothers side. I want the best for him and I want him to be happy. I realized I panicked and messed up.

I used my panic brain and not my logical lifeguard brain. I’m going to learn from this so I don’t do it again. I don’t know how much time to give him to cool down before I go home.

It’s all a learning process.

Well it sounds like he wants you back from what I read in another post. And it may not be you who is the cause of ALL his anger. It sounds like he is just generally feeling angry at himself or the world or something else.

No mistakes-just opportunities…take a load off for awhile. Everyday is a reset. Wishing you peaceX

You wouldn’t like the traditional method- have someone scare the ever living crud out of you.
So I am conferring an M.D on myself and prescribing M&Ms.