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Assisted living or group home

Just checking back in – it’s been awhile. I too thought there was a mental health parity law… the two Bi-partison lawmakers… One was named Wellstrom I think cannot remember the other. However, I don’t believe it must have not gone through as clearly there is no parity. OR perhaps that’s why hospitals have joint replacement surgery as a same day surgery… It’s obviously not working…

Thanks for the reminder to check into this, @SueML and @hope4us still haven’t done it. Health insurance sign up will be soon, so I’ve got to sort this out for my daughter. I’m glad that Directions for living has a finance program that forgives alot of their charges for my daughter. So her care is covered, just seems weird to pay for health insurance that won’t cover mental health.

I’ve never heard of Directions for LIving… is that just in the state where you live?