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Back on the same roller coaster. Drastic and very rapid changes

What has been happening has been so far off the wall. One minute (literally) wants to kiss or hug me the next calling me every filthy name in the book and screaming it. He still has his apartment but will only eat food that hasnt already been opened. He always thinks that he swallowed something aftrr opening a can of soda or juice. At night he slurs his speech almost ljke he was drunk. Listens to music all of the time. Still believes people are trying to murder him and he is so super smart that he is on to them. He believes that i am against him.
I don’t know why but it always seems that iam saying the wrong things. I try not to disagree with him but when he starts which is very very often i sometimes just start talking and then he twists it all upside down and bnb inside out. My nerves are totally shot. I am a nervous reck. I am very upset at the “system”.
He was right there on the hospital and HE decided to refuse treatment. I was praying so hard that maybe there would be a light maybe a flicker at the end of this terrible tunnel.
Its 3 am and i just got off of the phone after listening to him telling me that I was the one who needs a psychiatrist and he has all the freedom in the world and that i have nothing but problems and responsibilities. Well i do have responsibilities like most people and so does he but he doesnt care about anyone anymore.
When he was yelling the veins in his forehead were bulging out and he was kind of foaming a little bit. He was right in my face and was talking on how i called the police last month and how much trouble i caused. He also includes every mistake or oversights that i have done since I have known him.
Sorry this is long but i dont know what is with the mirrors.??? Same as the tv with voices or actually seeing things???

I don’t have to say much because your son’s behavior is a duplicate of my daughter’s! I know exactly how you feel. I am always on a roller coaster. She’s 30 and this has been going on for 12 yrs. But since my husband died two years ago it has been so much worse. She’s been in hospitals over 30 times in the past 8 yrs. Some long term (1-2 months) and others emergency rms. We lived in my husband’s home town when he found out he had cancer. Up until then she lived with us, but alone I had to move her out because I was about to have a breakdown. I wasn’t able to take care of my needs - all thoughts on her. Her rages would destroy property and she was becoming violent with me. Now she lives 30 min. from me and it’s becoming impossible. She calls me all day long either to say horrible things and that she hates me or say she misses me and needs to live with me. Yet when I spend the night, I get more rages than sweetness. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I am grateful to have someone understand what I am going through. I feel really bad for you and pray you can get some relief.

Thank you. I nedd to clarify. He’s my fiancee

First of all, I just want to say I am sorry to hear about what your going through. I don’t know what mental illness your boyfriend has. My son is also in his 30’s. He is bipolar and schizophrenia. I believe he needs special attention and love. I listen to what my son is saying. It’s hard to watch someone going through these illnesses. But I am there for him. Yes I have taken him to hospitals, called the police etc. I have down it all. Yes there are days he hates me, yells at me, hits me. There are voices in his head that he hears. He can’t help it. It’s the illness that is causing him to do things or say things. He refuses to take his meds. I don’t know if your boyfriend is on meds. He needs to be on meds and seeking professional help. Just take it one day at a time. He’s not going to get better overnight. I wish you the best of luck. You have to stay strong. Take care my dear.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and manic depression. He is not sleeping and accusing me of drugging…overdosing him. or getting others to drug him for me. I don’t do drugs or drink. He knows this. He just started to call me from my driveway at 230 am. My dad is sleeping on the couch because he isn’t feeling good at all. He just turned 88 yesterday. I had to threaten to call the police so he would leave. Now im super worried about him too. He hasn’t slept in a few days and he’s driving. He doesn’t want to go to his apartment because he thinks that all of the food has been drugged and that people are trying to murder him. My hands are physically shaking really bad so hard to text

He us not on meds but is supposed to be. He doesn’t believe that he needs them

I’m so sorry. I admire you hanging in there with your fiance. But if you find yourself not taking care of YOU, you’ve got to get away at least for awhile. Once when we lived together it got so bad I was about to lose it (my sanity). I packed an overnight bag and barely told my in-laws next door that I was going to the beach. I drove for less than 2 hrs. rented a motel room on the beach. When I walked into my room a white luxurious heaven greeted me. I felt immediate peace. Although it was a $200 escape for one day, it refreshed me for some time. As far as the calls in the night, I now unplug my phone. It scares me of what might happen, but loss of sleep can make a person become unbalanced. How would that help my daughter. I know this from experience and from articles I’ve been reading. Has he ever threatened you? A professional told me if my daughter is saying what she is going to do to me, that might happen. When that started happening and she actually did beat me in the head and scratch my arms to bleed, that’s when I started finding her places to live. You may love this man, but he is not your responsibility. Can you tell him you will break up if he does not get treatment? My daughter is in detox now and plans to go to a dual diagnosis treatment center. The main reason she agreed to go is so she can live with me again. Right now you are the one he can rage against and if he won’t get help, there is nothing you can do to help him. I’m so sorry. By the way is your fiance self medicating. My daughter uses over the counter cough pills. She still feels the symptoms of the disease but the voices don’t scare her. The down side of this is it makes her worse in behaviors like you described. It makes her voice slur and stutter.