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Because sometimes we just have to treat ourselves

We had a food day at work today. Yesterday I found this recipe on-line:

I decided to drain a couple of cans of pears and layered those on top of the cheese layer.

Not a crumb left! I am going to try some variations on this recipe with different fruit fillings.

What are your favorite things to bake or cook?


I always go for the traditional chocolate chip cookies.

Those rolls sound excellent.

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I have a brownie recipie that is super yummy!! I’m just bummed that we are low carb for a while to get rid of the emotional eating pounds we have gained since Dec. :grinning::grinning:

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my son would love those! :slight_smile:


Right now I am fascinated with poke cakes. The most recent one I made was Hawaiian wedding cake with pudding, pineapple, whipped cream, and coconut on top. Next, I think I will do something with chocolate.


Oh those look delicious. Food in USA :us: is so much more exciting and so much more choice (of naughty) stuff too haha.
Thankfully we have visited .

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@Jane57 - I have friends in the UK who have sent me treats.

I was so surprised at how un-sweet some of the candy over there was.
However, I really liked the box of Yorkshire tea bags they sent me.

I reciprocated with things they think are crazy sweet - like Kool-Aid packets and skittles, plus some cornbread & biscuit (not cookie) mix.


I know , USA sweets are different, though am not keen on the chocolate :chocolate_bar: over there.
I do love ghirardelli though. Do you guys not have as nice tea bags as uk?

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I think the tea bags we have here are OK. I think the bags themselves are constructed better because if I make a whole pitcher of tea (for iced tea), I have to use a coffee filter with the Yorkshire to keep from getting loose tea in the final brew.

Most people drink Lipton, Tetley or Luzianne if they’re making huge pitchers of iced tea - we probably drink a couple gallons of that a week and always have some in the fridge.

Then, there are other fancier brands in smaller packs that are nice.

But, for hot tea, I liked the Yorkshire better than most of our brands. I did fine Yorkshire Gold over here in a specialty grocery store, but I didn’t like it as much as the plain Yorkshire that’s more red.

We also have a few tea shops that have sprung up that sell specialty loose leaf teas, but I’m not a tea snob, and I’m thinking they’re probably pretty expensive, so I’m staying out of those places.

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