Betrayal of a friend

I just want to say, the SZ I was hanging with now changed her number and left the grid. Why do SZ’s do this?? I thought we were friends!? I was always there for her but she moved and I knew deep down I wouldn’t see her again.

btw…it bothers friends and family that are affected by this illness :frowning:

There are a lot of reasons why people disappear for a while.

For some it’s the constant feeling of being followed… tracked and chased.

for me… my negative symptoms… I sometimes don’t have the energy or confidence to reach out to others… it’s hard to trust others when my head circus is telling me how bad everyone is.

There are a lot of reasons. I hope she will get in touch when she can. She might not be able to… when I was floridly psychotic I was too far out there to keep friendships.

It took a while to get back in touch with people when I started getting back on track.

In fact… I got back in touch with one friend just recently… I lost touch when I was 17… reestablished contact two years ago at 28.

I know it does… but when I’m slipping… when I’m in a negative swing… there’s not much I can do about it.

Paranoid - Introduction to Schizophrenia - over view of the illness

Paranoid - Introduction to Schizophrenia - symptoms both negative and positive.

I’m a big one for doing this. Hard to explain why though. Mostly get ideas in my head and just need to be alone to deal with them. Can be days weeks or even years in one case to come around. If you do have access to something like a Mental Health Emergency Response Line give them a tinkle and see if you can get someone to check in on her. If nothing else it’ll help ease your mind.

You’ve got to expect irregular behavior from sz’s. Maybe she’ll come back to you.

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I have a close-nit group of friends I hang out with. I actually prefer for a relationship to be anonymous online. My wife is the only one I let into my inner sanctum.

Thank you. Very informative. I hope to hear from my friend again and hope she’s doing ok.