Born in 57, just hit 57, and did so on June 17th. 777?

I’m still alive and kicking at 57 years old.

Happy Birthday!!!
Hopefully there will be many many more.

happy birthday, i hope you have a good one.
take care

Ir’s 7;47 Pm here…yay

Happy Birthday!! :cake:

Happy birthday!! And 57 more!

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday friend,have a blast

Happy Birthday! Happy 57th! As old as eternity and as young as God!

Happy Birthday! But now I’m worried my screen name will freak you out!!!

What would really make today extra special is if you took a flight aboard a Boeing 777! Happy Birthday!

HaPpY HaPpY BirThDaY To YoU!

Happy birthday.

And, June 17th? So the 6 (from June) + the 1 (from 17) = 7.
Also, add that 7 to the two 5s (from the 57s) and you get 17.

I am 10 years younger than you are. I still remember the day 7-7-2007, 7-7-7, the Earth day, that was the day when I caught this moth in the middle of the day. Happy birthday :smiley:

I think moths are hideous, and your photo is no exception! Yuck! (Sorry, I’m very anti-bug. I don’t see the beauty in butterflies, praying mantis’, nor any other bug.)

I like moths and butterflies. When I was 15 I used to grow these moths from caterpillars, it was my hobby, to have beautiful hawk moths in the middle of the winter and then add these to my collection. In my teens I did not play any sports, but my hobby was collecting moths and butterflies. I still have these although I am 47.

Here is one I did grow from a caterpillar :smile:

I said I don’t like them…what compelled you to post a picture of the ugly thing!!! Not cool.

It is the art by itself to grow moths by yourself from caterpillars. For example, the caterpillar of the moth above has a special smell and when you smell it you can locate this caterpillar and then take it and start growing it. The moth is Cossus Cossus, funnily in Finland there is Finnish liquor ‘Kossu’ ‘Koskenkorva’ and people like to drink it. Cossus - Kossu I have never tasted it, but many people do drink it. I suppose it is a kind of vodka. :smiley:

Thanks for all the “Happy Birthdays” everyone. WOW…lots of responses indeed.

Yep… I got some cash from relatives, along with some new shoes, and I put my
Shoppers Drug Mart 95,000 points to work and saved $220.00, so that left even
more cash in the bank. ( $220.00 = [95,000 points = $175.00] + [$45.00 Bonus] )

Not that long ago I had only $3.05 in my bank, thus that was my life savings.

But now it’s time for me to buy some new clothes.

Happy Birthday! new clothes? Yep! Have fun!