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Calling all Baby Boomers - time to become the next Greatest Generation

One of my NAMI friends is reminding everyone she knows to buy a meal or two a week for takeout, curbside or delivery during this difficult time from the restaurant businesses that are open near you.

These businesses need the Boomers on fixed incomes with retirement accounts and pensions to help their local economy.

The businesses are so grateful and they are doing their best to keep their employees employed. This really is an opportunity for the Boomers to make their mark as a Great Generation without actually having to go to a World War. You will find they are SO very appreciative at this tight time. Your help really can make the difference in them going under or not going under.

(edit -I thought about suggesting you check to see which restaurants support your local NAMI, but, heck, lets try to save them all.)


I’ve been going out to get food from drive-thrus. It gets my daughter out of the house, she is going stir-crazy, but is handling it good overall. So out we go in the car, and we still walk the dogs every night. We rarely see anyone else out.

I am blessed that my job is continuing, although I work at home now since I’m 63. I have a good company and a job that is all telephone calls and computer work.

One of our local restaurants has bleach and disinfectant on their take out menu. I found it humorous, but it’s helpful to be able to get those supplies too.


One of the restaurants here is selling toilet paper - to go! :laughing:


yeah, there you go, toilet paper to go! :slight_smile:


Here in rural Texas the locals love their HEB grocery stores. Husband went to the Walmart old folks’ hour this morning. Everyone was given a sanitizing wipe on the way in and a muffin on the way out. Husband joked that the local bordello was offering the same deal…


Honestly, I love WalMart stories. There is always something funny that happens in WalMart. I remember watching a woman try on bras over top of her Tshirt standing out in the main shopping aisle because too many people were waiting in line for the fitting rooms as the two staff members there were arguing over something that no one watching understood.