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Can my son take Mucinex


Hello Family,
My son sinuses is bothering him. He takes Rispedone 3 mg at night. If he takes 2 mucniex, will it interact with his medication?


Says combo is okay at,2019-1305


@Hereandhere, Thank You. I called the pharmacy on this morning and they said it was ok. I hope all is well with you. I see that you are having a trying time with your loved one. I will continue to key y’all in my prayer. Hugs to you!


Request a DNA test to find out the meds right for him.


@myson My son has taken Mucinex with Clozaril and Depakote with no ill affects…I don’t think he took it when he was on Risperidol because he didn’t have a sinus problem then to need it…but every time I want to give him and over the counter med I just call any local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it and they will always look it up and give me the facts about it…you can do that anywhere with any pharmacy…that way you know for sure…


Thank you @Catherine. He’s taking them and is feeling much better. Hugs to you…


I always check with the pharmacist before buying any over the counter
stuff so you may want to do the same.