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Can’t take it anymore

Someone on this thread mentioned about your husband deteriorating in front of your eyes, no longer loving me. That is what I’m going through now. I don’t think I can take it much longer. He violently screams at me to leave, and people can hear him loudly in the other apartments. I now have severe PTSD from the trauma of the violent yelling. Luckily we have separate apartments. I don’t know why I put up with this. I think it’s time to cut our losses and part ways.


Hi Sage,

I’m sad you are going through this.

When my husband and I lived together, we were in an apartment building and all our neighbors heard his yelling at me daily. I didn’t want to look neighbors in the eye when I saw them.

We moved to a remote place and he has been back and forth to our old town, homeless all the while for almost a year. Now he is where I am living and we fight in public, in the park, mostly. I am at the point where he is interfering with my new job and the community is very small. People don’t like him and now they associate him with me. I am worried about losing my job and that my elderly relative who I live with will kick me out too because the social repercussions are too great. I also have PTSD and the past week has been a setback even though I went to therapy and thought I was moving forward.

I believe that in certain cases, when our loved ones are adults and refuse help or any kind of treatment and do not acknowledge they are severely harming family or people they claim to love, cutting losses and parting ways may be the best thing. It will give you (us) a better life and perhaps push them into treatment or to some place where they will eventually receive the help they need. It is an extremely difficult decision to make. I am not ready to make it yet but am close.

Let us know how you are doing, Sage. I will be thinking of you. :heart:

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Thanks Lifeishard, I probably will not make the decision I should make to part ways. I am however going to take a week off from him to give me time to heal and him time to miss me and get better, I hope. My PTSD is getting worse, and I joined a support group for abused women. I know I should move on and try to put him behind me, but I love the man he was. I pray he becomes that man again.

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