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Husband is paranoid schizophrenic

I feel like l am living in hell the constant verbal abuse is so painful he thinks l have a direct link to the police, Constantly putting me down accusing me of things that I haven’t done I can’t take much more of this I am his Caregiver so l don’t work and around him 24/7 . I don’t know what to do anymore he refused to get help he thinks everyone is out to set him up my my neighbours my family and my friends well l don’t have anymore because of him l feel so helpless and scared of him l have tried many times reaching out to his doctor for help but he always tell me just leave but how when you don’t have anywhere to go both my parents have passed away over the last few years and l also look after my brother that had a stroke,2 beautiful dogs and l always worried if l do he will find me and hurt me. I hold it all in and don’t have anyone to talk too


Time to set firm boundaries for your own safety.

And seek professional help for both of you.

This is not a disease that is well-understood.

But diagnosis and meds can help.

Just talked with my son who at 49 lives in a mental health group home.

He is in a psychotic episode tonight.

He hears voices abusing him and gets so angy he wants to kill someone. He says a woman on staff is verbally abusive tohim.

I asked his permission to talk with the CW or psych-M.D. He refused.

Deep breath. Prayers. Tears. More prayers.


Thank you so much
He had another outburst tonight l feel so depressed and sad that my marriage is over because he doesn’t believe anything that l say l have tried so hard l will get help thank you so much


Hope you take time to grieve and heal

As best you can.

The wounds seem to rip open at the Holidays.

Keep in touch on this site.

Better than others.

Whose name is the house in? File for a separation and have him leave. Talk to a lawyer who specializes in Domestic Violence.

Both but l am leaving just brought my own place and very excited to start a new life planning my way out now
It’s time for me now and l am frightened but also excited
Wish me luck


Good Luck.

I’ m enjoying being single again at 72​:fire::fire::fire:!


I’ve heard on the news that jobs are plentiful because so many people have quit. Maybe it won’t be so hard to find something.

Not suggesting it, because caregiving has its own problems, but you could get paid to be a caregiver. It wouldn’t be more than minimum wage, but it would be a start.

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