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Cant feel close


even though daughter i both paranoid skitz we seem to be compete opposits,zero in common different personalities her dad and her are a lot a like and very close.son and i very close a lot of the same peronality 2010 i had to stop working at my job due to sever knee problems,things went from bad to worse.i was no longer able to excape home invironment.i completely shut down for 4 years eat sleep,on nett.i had to only way to keep sane self enabling dad an alcaholic meth daughter add paranoid skitz bi polor.rages destruction phisical abuse between her and her father police in out .she moved out in 2013,the house was trashed hot mess,filthy,it took me 8 months of 8 to 12 hr days repairing damage,cleaning,very little from spouse a small amount from 2 teenage grand daughters who lived here 9 months ,i thank god they came into our life for a short period they got me off my butt motivated me to give them a nice home,not sure i could have found my way back alone i was a ghost of a person.jen calls her dad 4 or 5 times a day never me.she has changed a lot for the better with the help of her girlfriend,they spend a couple days a month here so can take jen to drs and i can see a big improvement.i dont harbor a grudge or feel resentment yet i cant feel close to her


Give it some time. Those are some tough battles and it takes time to heal. Reach out when you feel supported and strong-but don`t push. She may reach out to you at some point.