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CBD as adjunct therapy for anxiety

Has anyone ever added CBD oil to the medication regime to decrease anxiety? My daughter is already on clonazapam but continues to experience paralyzing anxiety. I’ve emailed her psychiatrist about it, but so far, no response.

Yes, my daughter was on CBD capsules for a while. There is a natural pharmacy near us called Botanical Resources run by an actual pharmacist when she isn’t working in a drugstore. She seemed to do well on that CBD product and other supplements but didn’t want to stay on supplements at all after a few months.

Truthfully, the anti-psychotic she is on now has calmed everything down. I still try to get her to use nutritional products though, as her eating habits are not the best.

I ended up taking the CBD and passionflower to help my own problem (insomnia).


Thank you. I thought she would need the tincture - good to know there are capsules. My daughter takes Omega 3s which seem to have helped some of her cognitive problems. I have read that CBD can interfere with many meds. Depending on the dosage, it can be very expensive as well. Still waiting to hear from her psychiatrist. Anxiety is her most debilitating problem these days.

I use a CBD supplement, and it has a light calming effect. Of course, I’m not on AP medications. I have not heard of CBD interacting with meds negatively. It’s wise to check with the doctor.

CBD oil is expensive! Be sure to buy a reputable brand. I get mine mail order from a farm in Colorado.

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My daughter takes 75mg of CBD oil 2x/day and reports decreased anxiety and feeling happier. I order it online in capsule form but it’s very expensive. She is also on antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. Her psychiatrist was the one to suggest it, saying she had other patients who had positive results. We started at 25mg and worked our way up.

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@Jan and @boobear, how did you figure out who was a reputable CBD company to buy from, and how did you choose a dosage?

My son is asking for some…

On my way to work, there is a CBD store called Hemp Geek… been curious about it

Do some research on line. Search for “organic CBD oil.” I use Veritas Farms. They sell a high quality product.


I looked online for a company that sold organic CBD (not Hemp) and posted independent testing results. I use Highland Pharms. I started at the lowest dose and worked our way up - and I knew I needed capsules because my daughter would never do a tincture.


My son has been trying CBD sometimes. I’m not sure if it is having an impact, but I haven’t seen any negative reactions either.
My son also takes Lecithin and Omega-3.

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My daughter’s psychiatrist didn’t think CBD oil was a good idea. First, it would interact with the meds she takes and it’s been difficult to find the right meds and dosage to keep her stable. Second, there have only been small trials and no follow-up research. Third, because it is not regulated, much of the CBD does contain small amounts of THC which would be harmful to my daughter.