Christmas visit from mother later today

My mom is coming over to touch up on her haircut she gave me a couple of weeks ago. She left the top too long and I need it short or I end up looking freakish if I don’t wet down my hair and comb it back a bit. haha…anyways, I wonder what Christmas gifts she will bring or if she will wait until Christmas eve like she always does. Anybody get to see family this holiday?

We have x-mas at home with my family (husband and kids). Also two friends are coming over and an old neighbor lady.

My mom and sister and her family will come over to visit us on january 2:nd. We have a second christmas and celebrate my son’s birthday.

My family doesn’t celebrate holidays, which kind of sucks. Still, I’ll probably see my brother sometime next week.

Cherish your Mom @jukebox. Moms are wonderful and before you know it, they’re gone.

I do Malvok. I really do. I cry sometimes when I think my mom will one day be gone. I will really feel alone when that happens. I think that’s what we feel when our parents die. All alone.

Sometimes my son gets mad at me when he feels I am not taking some of his delusions as seriously as he thinks I should - but we always make up, and I know how much he loves me.

He is getting bookshelves today for all of his books - that is his Christmas present from me this year.

**My 3 kids and I are so divided with each other that I will probably just be santa and run around dropping gifts off everywhere.
My son does not want to spend Xmas eve with his sisters and dad-
My oldest girl has too much extended family and thinks of me last because" it`s just me "-
My youngest girl is 30 today–and is still not speaking to me-
What happened??? **

I think children don’t really understand how precious their folks are until they get older. I know I love my mom and dad even though my dad and I are distant. I’m sorry @bridgecomet I hope your hoilday goes well anyways somehow!

I won’t. They’re too spread out. They try to give us a good Christmas where I stay. My worst Christmas I was in jail. One person said, “It’s Christmas”. That was the only acknowledgement of the holiday.