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Oh my here we go again for christmas!

Thought we were back on track . How silly of me to relax . Son came out of hospital after starting on depo two weeks ago .He was so much better came home last week from supportive housing he said till Jan . Woke up this morning to a text saying gone back to supportive housing see you January. I just want to cry same feeling I’ve had every christmas for five years . However other adult children arriving and are tired of it all . I really want to crawl into a hole and sleep till Jan . Anyone else feeling like this ?

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We will be soon getting on an airplane to go to North Carolina to spend Christmas with in-laws… I must admit that I am feeling somewhat apprehensive of this… a little bit of fear that she and/or we will be judged.

On the other hand, my daughter is excited about being to go for walks in the warmer weather, one of the tools she uses to help her deal with the jumbled thoughts in her head.

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Hope you have a safe trip and you have a wonderful Christmas . Good news son is now back home with us long may it last for a least three days .
Wishing all loved ones on the forum and their amazing family and friends a stress free Christmas . Let’s hope 2019 brings some joy to us all

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I have long thought, before this illness hit our family, that holiday stress brings out mental issues. The urge to be perfect: perfect presents, perfect food, perfectly clean home, perfect small talk… So much stress and illness of various types.

I look back at years of preparing for Christmas and can hardly believe that was me. Today, my simple preparations took little time and little stress. I will settle for all of us around one table at the same time smiling for a bit. I hope that happens later today. I sort of feel like a hopeful Scrooge. If it doesn’t go well, it will be liek, “Bah, humbug”. If it does go well, I will be happy with memories of the smiles.

I wish all of you the best for Christmas. @Windyhill63 I hope your trip is safe and happy for all. @Faith1 I am glad your son came home.

May you find some peace today.

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