How're you today?

Do you enjoy your Christmas Holiday ?

It’s been quiet but I’m ok with that.

Hello. My Christmas has been very stressful. My son was let out of the hospital, but he’s not taking his meds again. Can’t convince him to take them. He’s going to an out patient program tomorrow so I will try and talk to the Dr. Scared that he will know I am interfering.

Christmas holiday? Was there a Christmas holiday?
Holiday? What’s that? Heard about that awhile back…hmmmmm, no, maybe not.

Not all that great actually though I’m better now. My son struggled at the extended family Christmas dinner. My (devoutly religious) mother actually believes my son is possessed. So while my son was standing on the porch refusing to wear a coat (in freezing temp) and yelling nonsense, my mother was barking at me about how I wouldn’t have this problem if I hadn’t married an atheist… Pandemonium! Lol

How was yours?

Not bad, in comparison. But I will welcome a holiday from my mixed up sense of days of the week. I’ve been more lost than usual.