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Claim Hope Today

Today, I claim hope for my 19 year old SZ son. I plant the flag firmly, even somewhat defiantly, in the face of an ugly enemy.

My son was first diagnosed w SZ in September of 2020, after many years of undiagnosed struggles. Our journey started with a major self-harm episode that nearly killed him. Somehow made it to the ER and emergency surgery after evil spirits ‘forced him’ to cut himself badly. What was once a concern was now a diagnosed, harsh reality.

Since that fateful night, he’s been in a few hospitals, two other inpatient psych units, and now a good RTC called New Roads. He’s been there 2.5 months. He’s gone AMA once (14 degrees, snowing, didn’t know if he’d survive); gotten in a fight; gotten into some inappropriate drug sharing; and has threatened to leave again at least a bazillion times. But he is now on Clozapine and seems to be improving.

We’re now working on a plan to bring him back into society. Figuring out all we caregivers do to consider living arrangements, potential work, and some supervision on MED compliance.

This transition should happen in the next month or so. And here’s the harsh reality. Our son may come out, use marijuana again, drop his meds, and try to kill me or hurt himself again. We’d be fools to think this couldn’t happen.

But, he might also flourish; finding a new job, new friends, and a new life worth living. He may find a girlfriend (who hopefully won’t read any of GSSP’s posts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) who loves him and helps him thrive.

And the truth is likely some messy in-between reality where we start and stop a hundred more times on this crazy ass journey.

But my post is for TODAY. And today, I claim hope. I claim it for me, my son, my family, and for ALL of us 1% who are fighting in the trenches. Whether you’re a caregiver, or all alone battling this disease, I’m claiming hope for all of us.

Damn the torpedoes. Into the fray. Never going gently into this good night. Onward with Hope as our banner. And when I falter (and I will), my prayer is that another 1% Warrior will pick up the Flag of Hope and keep on moving forward. Cheesy for sure but I needed to write this post, and to claim Hope today.


Hey Sando!

I was going to ask you how your son was doing so I was glad to see the update on him. I hope things continue to improve and that he won’t go back to some of his old patterns - my son was on clozapine but we had to take him off - so its on to other trials.

I just wanted you to know that today, I will stand with you to hold high the banner of hope. I gave up on worrying a long time ago about my son but the situation can still get me aggravated, PO’d, down in the dumps and just plain angry… but worry is not my thing.

Don’t know your faith but my favorite verses are filled with hope: 30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men shall utterly fall, 31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

I plan on running! Have a good day! :palm_tree:


Hope!! That’s what will keep us going, even though so many days are sad or even scary. My son is also a teenager and starting on Clozapine. So much of the time I feel like our family is in survival mode, but looking back, we have made some progress.

I’ll b sending positive thoughts for your son.


Thanks Pookey! Yes, faith sustains us. Thanks for sharing those versus - great passage- and also love Phil 4:4-10. Keep the faith.


Reminds me of one of NAMI’s principles: “We expect a better future in a realistic way”. I take that flag of hope everyday.


Our faith also sustains us @Sando and @Pookey52.
My son has a very strong faith in God which keeps him hopeful in the midst of the relentless voices in his head. Okay, he is a bit over the top about his faith at times - running around the streets in his bare feet preaching to strangers, believing at times he is one of the 12 apostles - but hey, there are worse things he could be doing and I’d rather he be trying to follow God than the devil.
I stand with you in claiming hope for our loved ones!!


Love it!! You know God has to be weeping alongside us in our sadness, but also cheering alongside us for claiming our hope in Him. Even if He picks up a few unique apostles along the way!!


My daughter went on clozapine at age 17. Things have gotten better and better. Hold onto that hope! Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you going.