Don’t give up hope ❤️



Hi hope how are you? My son is drinking today I’m at home watching over him so he doesn’t go back to the store😢he loves my food so I make him something to eat then he’s settled for a while .


Hi Gursevak14

I am good, thanks, getting used to the new normal, waiting for the next shoe to drop - trying not to think about it.
Sorry about yours drinking, so very glad he has you to settle him in with your good cooking.

Some good news on my end, I was worried that my son was not going to have enough to eat because his rent is so much higher now. I did some checking around and found out there is a food pantry in his new community and he can visit there 6 times a month. I sent him the directions - they have a good website, they even tell you what to do when you arrive.


That’s good news he lives alone?


Yes, he found a place that would even take his cats. He would have preferred a cheaper roommate situation - his psychiatrist talked him out of it - thank goodness.


Sounds like your son is doing so well :smile:I can’t imagine my son living alone :slightly_frowning_face:


He does well in very brief windows of time - a couple of hours and then he doesn’t do well for a couple of weeks. He has the insidious (progresses slowly) form of scz. His has taken some odd turns. When his delusions about his dad and I got so bad, he became convinced I was medicating/poisoning him through his groceries. He actually found a CBT based therapist and used CBT to be able to grocery shop again. He hadn’t been in a grocery store in years. But getting sicker motivated him to do it.

We are fortunate that he has ssi and ssdi and snap -government support. He lived on his own after graduating from college - usually in a house with roommates for several years. I think that helps him be able to do it now.


That’s good he has your support , my son just vomited and his room looks like a bomb hit it​:cry:I’m loosing my mind I think right now , he keeps falling around I won’t let him go to the store now ,what ever it takes :+1:


Hang in there - sometimes it’s all we can do.


Thankyou ,he’s gone to sleep now ,hope he doesn’t wake up till the morning


Thanks for telling us, I know I breathed a big sigh of relief for you.


But he still has some money in his account , he’ll wake up in the morning and buy more alcohol ,he allways says because it’s legal here to buy alcohol . He normally smokes weed . Anyway till the morning goodnight and Thankyou so much for listening and your support , god bless all of you and your families :heart:️Don’t ever give up hope


Whatcha got cooking? I’m hungry can you tell?

My son tried drinking but it doesn’t agree with him. Every so often he’ll mention it but since he doesn’t drive forgets about it too. Sometimes well have a cocktail or a glass of wine but I understand that phase when they just want to get smashed. I wish he could find exercise. It is so good for mind and body. Just keep loving and guiding. :heart:️:pray:t3:


Aww Thankyou I made pasta that day which he loves , and he’s finally come to his senses and stopped drinking and run out of money :sweat_smile:Thankyou for your support , it got me through those tough few days :heart:


My son gets paid tomorrow :laughing:


Are you getting ready to cook something to distract him?

Mine signed the paperwork he needed to sign for his re-evaluation. Worry 1 was will he sign it? Worry 2 is will he mail it? Worry 3 will he pass his re-evaluation?

At least I can let worry 1 go and concentrate on 2 and 3.


Yes that’s a good idea,he just said to me if he goes to buy alcohol can I stop him!i said yes(of course):thinking:


Good luck! Is there something else he might like to do with his money?


Yes he was talking abt buying a game before he spends his money on other things ,I said that’s a good idea, at least now he recognises he has a problem with his spending money on alcohol , :laughing:


And yes I forgot to say taking things in steps is always good for ones mind, so youv done step 1​:+1::smile: