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Counseling was too much

Just mostly learn about you things…but I got hit with the aftermath on the way home. F you screaming I don’t F ing care about compassion or you and how my son owes him money and how I am taking from him and starts making baby like sounds and boo hooing (literally boo hoo )that I have a disease and how I cried and got the counselor to feel sorry for me but how she only sided with him. How he has the right to do this and how all of this that goes on in his head is because of me. How he knows somethings wrong but I should just take it. He says he sees things that nobody sees that make him understand what people are thinking about him and how I have been the problem since we got married. So much delusional thinking. I have to admit I am a little scared of him right now…I asked him if he felt the need to hurt me and he laughed and looked at me like I was stupid. I left to go start dinner trying to normalize the moment for him to cool down. He calls from the other room calling me honey and asking a question about something in his grades. He looks at my face and is furious again. I can’t freaking breathe right now. I am trying so hard. It feels like God hates me right now.

What’s his diagnosis? Is he taking meds?

PPD and Schitzotypal. He hasn’t had much counseling or help with meds…every few months through a zoom conversation they adjust according to what he thinks is going on and they get changed. He had been building for some time then a new psych prescribing said he wasn’t comfortable with the super high dosage he was on with one med and gave him another.

It sounds like he is medication compliant. Meds have made all the difference in the world for my son. His Dx is either schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder (it changes).

He was hospitalized twice earlier this year when he was hearing commanding, abusive voices and having delusions.

He is on a very high dose of antipsychotics: 15 mg of olanzapine and 500 mg of quetiapine, which worries me a lot. But he functions well now. He’s pleasant to be around and is working on his business. He works to control his weight gain which has stabilized at 20 pounds or so.

No more delusions and the voices have either gone away entirely, or are very low level and not bothersome. The meds will be tapered, but very slowly this time because in the past tapering too fast has always led to a relapse.

Was your loved one better when he was taking the “super high dosage”?