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Completely lost what to do


The reality is that very ill people sometimes go off their meds and it’s really hard on them.

You’re right @RBaker that not every person on earth needs psych meds, but some of our family members are so ill and dangerous to themselves (and even sometimes others) that effective medication can make the difference between life and death.

No one is against trying other things like supplements and exercise and other ways to help, but for us, we have to be really careful in always supporting medication as it can and does save lives and makes better quality of life in the long run.

True schizophrenia is a chronic illness and anyone who recovers fully from psychosis does not have the type of illness our family members have.

Admin already posted this today:

THE LINK IS TRUE. We caregivers are trying to do the best we can. My family member’s court-ordered medical treatment is not ideal, has some rough side effects, and is approximately one thousand or one million times better than the illness in its most active and debilitating stages. In a life and death situation, we are so happy the court worked to save our beloved child’s life.

Anyone is 100% welcome here as long as they can be supportive of people who need to take medication for their illnesses.


How did your family member get court ordered medical treatment?


By committing a crime and the court understanding he is not a criminal, but was extremely ill with psychosis.