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Covering windows with Blankets


My son has been off his medication since May and going down that dark road again. He has been acting out cut our hose, cut lunchbox straps, bad but not as violent he has been in the past. He has not showered in weeks. His mood is at leave my alone. He has not left his room and locks himself in.

Yesterday when I can home, all the draped were pulled shut and I have a large bay window in the front, he draped blankets over the window so the whole house was dark. His paranoia is back again. Should he be in the hospital ?

I have had him sectioned to a hospital 4 times, twice this year alone, each stay for at least 30 days.

I know he needs be in the hospital again but I am waiting until beds are available in the best hospital, where they know me and our situation, he will not sign the release so if he goes to a new hospital and they can’t talk to me.

Just confused

How old is your son ? I’m thinking below 18 since you had him sectioned? My son is 28 sounds very similar.

He is 21, he has no insight into his illness, even after all of the hospitalizations, believes I lie.

Yes. my son has no insight either. It’s just so darn frustrating and sad for all. I am very fortunate that I have a husband who helps with him. I don’t know if I could do it alone. Do you have gaurdianship of him? We say when he is hospitalized again we will get this… I guess with this… if he doesn’t take his meds we can get him admitted… I really don’t understand that though

It is so sad, I feel so bad for him all of the time.

I did talk about guardianship and was told it would not get the results I was looking for and with his paranoia about me, I Lie, Im the sick one, that’s why he has been in the hospital so many times.

It is so frustrating and sad for all of the family. I know I will always be sad

Get him a cat to love…

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I’ve wanted my son to get a pet. But I honestly don’t think he could take care of it. Anilmal therapy is the best. He is living in a mobile home close to us, so I can’t help him.

Sounds like a protective measure. It keeps the outside from getting in. Having active SZ is an assault on the senses. In my case sound was my biggest enemy, but light, visual simulation were difficult too. Other people were scary, because they seemed less predictable than familiar internal voices. There’s also an aspect of stigma and privacy to consider.

When I’m actively I’ll, I know my behavior may seem odd to others and might cause me trouble if misinterpreted. Much easier to be safe than sorry and keep the drapes drawn.