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Covid-19 and caring

I’m in the south west UK
Restrictions are we should stay at home with only going out for specific minimal things
Everything on the internet
Everything with gradually more restrictions and police powers

I moved about an hour’s drive from my mum and sister

Im wondering at what point I might be needed by them
My mum is 77. She has always smoked. Otherwise healthy

My sister is schizophrenic which is only clear since she gave up alcohol and tobacco
However been living in a dark rom psychotic and angry for 7 years

She is sometimes able to walk the dog mum usually goes in a lot of pain but she does it
Sister cooks a lot but mum shops because sister can hardly go out
Mum is limited physically because of a serious ankle break 2 years ago

I just don’t know how they will cope if they become unwell

I wrote to mums doctor and explained she is a carer
I hope she will get support.
How do I know if I should go round.

It has killed people in their 40s
But I’m a terrible patient

Does anyone know what we do if we self quarantine
What help is there.
How do they assess hospital beds?
What about food washing the dog the paracetamol the temperature taking

Sorry I feel so helpless to help them
I think household to households is the spreading they do not want so maybe they just suffer and I’d maybe never see my mum again

I can see a world full of people with these worries

Sigh. Yes. That is a very true statement. We are all worried. I have no answers for you, you just have to go with your heart. If you drive to them, you will probably have to stay with them until the restrictions are over. At least they have each other right now.

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Currently, restrictions where I live permit going out to care for family members.