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How are you affected by Covid-19?

I’m very afraid for my mum this winter.
She lives with my sister, abusive alcoholic schizophrenic.
If lockdown gets serious enough we won’t be allowed to travel more than 5 mi from home or mix between households.
I moved 35 mi away last year.
The blinds are always drawn. Mum buys food, sometimes £30 a day all purged into the loo.
She is 77 and has just adopted a 9 month old puppy, found through meeting a woman who could not cope with him because of M.E., arthritis, morbid obesity etc.
She already has a 2.5 yr old dog.
She has smoked all her life, unmitigated… but she walks the dogs 3h a day in total.
She said she wanted to add to who loves her and doesn’t hate her.
It is terrifying for all of us me not being able to see her.

I think last time I bent the rules twice, over 6 weeks, making the trip to her and meeting outside, ready with the excuse that it was a mental health emergency