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Sister, mum, my husband, his mum, me covid 19 share

That is all of us
other than my father and don’t know if he counts really

Who will die basically

I’m sure we have a good chance of all of us being okay

I’m not doing too well
I know it is affecting everything and everyone

If mum goes my non compliant sister will also go

I can’t imagine losing my whole family

Or it’s just me. That also sucks

I am so, so, so incredibly sorry. I can’t even begin to fathom the level of fear you must be experiencing… I am so sorry.
I’m sure you’re in-the-know. The higher risk is for elderly and folks who already have preexisting respiratory conditions. There are many many more survivors. With all my heart I hope that you and all of your loved ones are able to be part of that success. Please take good care of yourselves, each other, and your communities. My thoughts are with you all.

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Wisdom, no!!! Thank you so much
So sorry I did mean that to sound like the reality that none of us are unwell yet,
Or showing signs
just in near lockdown and hoping for the best for everyone and as scared and realistic and worried but not panicking


A good amount of folks never get sick! They stay asymptomatic, but are still contagious. So be safe.
It’s good you’re someplace where testing is available. We are still very shy here where I’m at of mass testing. It’s a bit unnerving, but we are doing our part as best we can in my home.

I know it’s tempting to feel panicked, but don’t give in to hysteria.
Follow the directions, and it will help a great deal and we’ll all get through this together.

You don’t need to get tested. The symptoms of the virus are:
- dry cough accompanied by high fever and people should stay home to recover
Don’t go to the doctor or hospital if you are well, or even if you are sick — there is nothing they can do for you, unless your symptoms worsen — if you have a cough and fever and begin to experience shortness of breath or ragged breathing, then call Telehealth for advice — in that case, the hospital can put you on respirator if required.
Only use Tylenol for fever, not Advil.

More than likely you have not been exposed to the virus, and if you are doing what is asked and keeping you and your family from socializing with others in person, then you will be fine. Until the end of March, socialize online and by phone, only. Only go out to shops to get groceries, and stay six feet away from people in line. Go for walks in the sunshine for vitamin D.

Stay positive. Use humour when you are feeling stressed. Don’t spend endless hours obsessing about the virus.

Make sure you get news from official and credible sources, not social media.

Listen to music, play charades, try to relax and have some fun.
Take good care of yourself.


Thank you @CanadianDaughter . I like your advice. I was starting to get stressed tonight. My husband is constantly obsessively watching the news on Covid 19 and tonight even the outside air seemed full of threat to me. I guess I have a small taste of the paranoia my daughter used to feel all the time when she was calling the police so frequently a few years ago.


I can relate, @oldladyblue . My schizophrenic husband and I are both feeling really uncomfortable being out of the house right now. It’s kinda nice in a weird way to have some reactions in common . . . .

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I understand. I think life goes better in general when reactions and thoughts are shared in some way between family members. Agreement makes things more real, less complicated, and can eliminate arguments. I find myself not really wanting to disagree with anyone’s view right now in my family. There’s a sort of peace in our household right now, amidst the world turmoil.

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Larry David recently did a hilarious public service announcement encouraging everyone to “stay on your couch” to minimize disease spread.

There is a part where David reminds viewers that: You’ve seen my show. You know nothing good happens out there (i.e. the outside world). It’s very funny and we could both relate.

I’ve been using this line when I have to leave the house for supplies and it allows us both to acknowledge our stress in a humorous way.


We have decided to stay home, only go out to walk the dogs, give up drive through food, and empty out our cupboards and the freezer, making up whatever we can to use the food we have up. We are lucky to have many grocery stores in the area, so when we run out, we are going to go shopping, but not until then. I can’t believe how many meals we are making without going shopping for much at all. It seems fine with my daughter and me to just stay home! The Larry David video was very funny, I am glad you posted it.