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Covid 19: social isolation

Our community is just entering into social isolation from Covid 19. I worry about our son with schizophrenia who lives alone. He lives an hour south of my husband and I. My concern is with everything closing that he might turn back to using drugs and alcohol. He has been taking one college class and working part time. He is compliant with treatment. His college recently went to online class. The bus he takes to work will be shutting down. Any ideas on how to keep him occupied during this shut down? We are getting internet for his apartment. I think volunteering might not be an option although he has spent some time at the animal shelter.

There are a lot of home fitness videos on youtube - once he has internet. Is he in an area where he could ride a bicycle?

Thanks, Hope. Yes, we just had his bike tire fixed and took it down to him today. If his work stays open, he could ride his bike. Also we’re able to get him a different phone so he can hit spot the internet. Hopefully somehow we will all get through this!

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You don’t have to worry about schizophrenics getting cagey with isolation. It’s like second nature.


My son occupies himself with his xbox , or perhaps he can do an online course .

My son used to like gaming when he was younger and might help occupy his time. He is also in the middle of an online class which I hope he is motivated to finish. I think he mostly craves the social interactions but doesn’t always choose the best people for friends.

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True dat. :laughing: When my mom is off her meds, she is happy to stay home and sit and listen to the voices in her head all day. I can see her lips moving, so she’s having a ‘two-sided conversation’. She’s not bored, it keeps her entertained, and she has no interest in going out.
The silver lining to the cloud. Thank you for sharing this. We all need to find the humour in our current predicament … and be reassured that loved ones aren’t finding this stressful.


My son ,33, likes some shows on TV. The cooking channel and live pd. But he drives, so we go to the beach to break up the day.

My daughter loves the cooking and baking shows on Netflix and binge watches them. She’s never really cooked in her life, pre or post illness. But the cooking shows started after being medicated, they run every day in her room.

@naturallycured, this post had me chuckling. So true…

My son is not phased at all, and wondering why the rest of the world has gone crazy…