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How is your loved one managing Covid fears?

Hello all. My son is having a very hard time coping with this pandemic and I’m wondering what you guys are experiencing. I’m worried that everything that helps him stay grounded has been taken away—working in an office, socializing and going to the gym. He views any activity we do, like sitting outside and chatting with a friend or 2, at least 6 feet apart, as reckless and makes him wrought. Today he yelled “I have to stay safe” and informed me he was “SO MAD AT ME!” People with this illness worry about things that AREN’T there. How can we help them process Covid, which is an actual risk?emphasized text

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I understand what you are going through. Fortunately or unfortunately my son and I do not socialize with anybody except each other (except online or by phone). However for exercise and “fun” such as it is we go to a local park where I have found a somewhat hidden path not bombarded by all of the city residents seeking park time and my son and walk at least 4 or 5 times a week.

The problems arises when I see that we are alone in the woods for many yards either direction (occasionally a cyclist will whiz by) I take my mask off so I can actually breath for a few minutes. My son gets very upset with me, he can accept not wearing it in our car but any other place outside of the house or car he believes a mask is always needed regardless even if we are 100% alone.

I just either take it off long enough to catch my breath and put it back on or I suffer through. I know he is being maybe a little over cautious but I just can’t blame him. He and I both watch too much news about it and it is hard not to want to know what is happening (for both of us).

We are both high risk, I have breathing problems and he has a seizure disorder in addition to schizophrenia. Because of that, I just roll with the flow. It is not easy but like I said the risk is real and giving up a little bit of mask free time to make my son feel better and safer is worth it for me. I just keep telling myself it’s not forever. fingers crossed


My SZ partner thinks it’s fake news!
I, on the other hand, am a mess and have a hard time being entirely comfortable out of the house. I find HIS attitude reckless, his attitude being any excuse NOT to practice safety precautions. (I’ve had to argue with him literally about washing his hands). It’s f****ing nuts!
I did have to explain to him that masks weren’t about HIM (because as we all know EVERYTHING is all about HIM) so much getting sick as him spreading his saliva, spit, snot, droplets in breath etc. and what an asymptomatic carrier is. His idea was that masks did nothing unless they were N-95 and sealed completely around his face. Again. He thought it was only about him.

Thanks, Wisdom. This is why I posted. I was wondering how this was playing in other homes. My son is so anxious and fearful in general since he’s gotten sick, so I was wondering if that was the norm as worry and paranoia are common. When I suggested very reasonable activities—like playing music outside with a musician friend— he yelled “Why do you have to criticize how I quarantine?!” So, I just saId “I’m not, you look bored. And you can jam sitting 10 feet apart in the yard…” He even said that to my husband when he suggested a bike ride. I am trying to resume some semblance of a normal life, while being smart, taking precautions and being outside. His little sister is depressed and withering up with no school or socializing, so the ability to get her doing anything is pretty important. But he can’t handle anything. Of course my husband and I go to the store a couple times a week and he doesn’t bat an eyelash at that—and eats us out of house and home lol. We live and provide for the family taking precautions going to Costco, Walmart, grocery stores and he’s never flipped over that. This virus is taking away everything that keeps him more stable :confused::mask: