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The Pandemic Affects Us All-Update

I am just writing to say I hope that everyone in this group is somewhere safe and covid free and has food to eat and something or someone to comfort them. My sz son and I have been staying home as much as possible ever since March. We go out once or maybe twice a week and only to get a few needed items and if possible walk in a secluded area or see a doctor when possible and when needed. Both of us are at high risk for not surviving this disease should we contract it. We are doing all we can not to.

I am so grateful to have my son with me. To know he is safe, or as safe as any of us can be at this time. My older son and his wife have also been quarantined since March, she can work from home (thankfully) and my son who is a teacher is just busying himself learning more things for if and when he can ever return to teaching. They are safe and again I am so grateful for that reassurance. So far they are expecting the schools to attempt to reopen in September where he is. He’s not sure he will return if he doesn’t feel safe. I can’t blame him.

Stress of worry is always there, lurking in every corner and saying in not so many words, the world’s not as safe as you thought it was. I noticed that my son who normally has a very calm and serene front has gone from smoking 14 packs of cigarettes each month back in March to now up to 18 packs per month. He and I both have a gained a few pounds due to less activity. He also decided he needed to add some melatonin to his sleep regiment. This from the guy who has never had any trouble sleeping.

Bless his heart though, he is hanging in, his mental state is still pretty good, not unlike any of us in this situation.

He had a very bad sore throat last week and I freaked out, we couldn’t get into see his doctor because there were simply no appointments quick enough, so I took him to urgent care. They thought he had strep and gave him medicine for that. They did a throat culture and also a covid test and later in the week said that both tests were negative. So he has since gotten better after a weeks worth of antibiotics and prednisone. Still we don’t have a clue what the horrendous painful sore throat was caused by.

We cook and clean and nap and watch TV and movies and discuss various topics. That’s a lot of our days.
We are planning to try to buy a HUD house if all goes well so we are saving every penny we can for that.

Trying times we find ourselves in. I hope with all my heart everyone can see a light at the end of the tunnel. If not now, then in the near future. Stay well.


My son and I are also home, we both are at high risk and staying away from crowded stores, people, we are wearing masks but notice many here are not. So it has been really hard.
He has been doing okay, he had quit smoking but is smoking some again, we both have put on weight. He walks our pup everyday and I started working out at home. We are trying.
We both have had sore throats and congestion, we live in high mountain desert and have not had rain for a while, I think it is the dryness.
I am looking at property in Montana, hoping to move up to the mountains. Good luck buying a HUD house, it is a good time, rates are low.
Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you also! I wish you and your son the best!!