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Welcoming the isolation

I’m kind of welcoming the isolation from the virus. While everyone is panicking, I feel more relaxed than I have been in awhile. Strange…

My son doesn’t seem phased by it at all, I’m glad. It seems to have more of a calming affect on him.


I don’t think the virus news has bothered my daughter much. She seems Ok with it all, except for movie theaters shutting down. That is “our” outing: she loves the movies.

I will be the only one in my office full time for the next 2 weeks, 2 others will be part time and the rest of the employees are working from home starting tomorrow. I will welcome the quiet isolation of the office.


Yeah, most people with SZ are borderline agoraphobic anyway. Social distancing is the norm unless you are in recovery or recovered. It’s just easier and less stressful and stimulating. Even those who have contacts are more likely to do them online.

My main concern is for people who work freelance in the ‘gig economy’. Uber and Lyft driving gigs may be way down, but DoorDash and UberEats may be up, so who knows? I also think the marginally employed may be left out of any stimulus payments. I think employment is very therapeutic, so it’d be a shame to deny people who can work opportunities to succeed.

Personally I’m looking forward to getting caught up on my many backlogged projects. Not sure I’ll be sharing nitro airboats like @GSSP, but I’m sure I’ll keep busy. Although I have a couple other projects that involve larger groups and travel that may be sidelined— it’s a little early to tell. Depends a bit on how long this lasts. Thankfully I have a larger social network than I used to, and I’m thankful for this forum as an outlet.


When the world has gone crazy, my son appears quite calm and normal (we went food shopping yesterday in the frenzy, and my son was just taking it all in & remaining calm and respectful while others were being aggressive about certain items in the store & even verbally abusive).

And on the flip side, when the world seems normal and peaceful, my son looks crazy (whether he’s in psychosis or not, and because of his immense desire to isolate, which is not the norm in the social world we live in).

I was just taking this all in tonight and thinking, “it’s times like this that may make my son feel somewhat normal”…

When the whole world has gone absolutely mad…


Yes my brother and I have both remarked in times of family stress and strife, we seem the most ‘sane’ people there.

There is that Chinese curse/proverb which is supposed to translate to ‘may you live in interesting times.’ Well, welcome to where we live… we only seem calm, because that’s where we live all the time.

Take care and be safe all.


Yes, the rest of the world now knows what it’s like to be so isolated, to not live a normal life, to worry whenever you go out in public. I’m glad there are fewer people out now. The world right now is schizophrenic so they can’t laugh at my son. Not trying to be cruel. But it suddenly seems “safer” to me to go out if you can believe that. I wear my respirator (I am immune deficient) and gloves when I need to get groceries and meds. Otherwise, we are calmly indoors.


I feel the same! Social isolation and all the cool IG hashtags! Hahahahah!

Wow! This is our life.

Frankly, I enjoy staying home. Staying home does not mean I am not enjoying doing my own thing. There is a lot to do at home.

The only time it suck is when I am super tired and sleep way too much. Or, need to get out and do errands and I do not want to.

Hope everyone is coping.

Hi @Donna1, I agree with you. I kind of like the world the way it is (I don’t mean the virus, I’m referring to not seeing as many people now). And the people who constantly feel the need to socialize or people who just can’t be alone, I wonder how they’re coping. Being a homebody is the norm for me and my son, so we are both enjoying the quiet when we do venture out.

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it is artificial panic, it is good that you stay calm