Daughter, Family... More drama


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No she hasn’t grown out of it just switched targets I guess. She has been dating the same guy for awhile now. Now she wants to move back with me. I may have to say no. I think she is running from her responsibilities there and wants it easier since mom (me) has always been the pushover. She wants to help with my son which is admirable but not her responsibility.

Now she has taken on trying to save their Nana (father’s mother) who is mentally struggling and as of a week ago was suicidal. My daughter called me last week stating that if I didn’t let my son talk to her (Nana) and she committed suicide like she is threatening to that she may never forgive me or talk to me again. It’s tough. I won’t go into all the details as it is a mess all around.


I’m sorry your daughter is trying to take on all this.

She does seem torn. She can’t save her nana and her brother at the same time… they aren’t even in the same place.

It’s nice that she’s trying to get close to her brother and that his struggles haven’t pushed her away. It hurts my heart when I hear of sisters or brothers who see their ill sibling as a burden or repulsive.

I’m sorry your daughter is getting caught in the high emotions of all this. I have a feeling that after being disowned by her nana… she’s trying to get tough to stay un-disowned. Especially if she’s fighting off BPD… being abandoned by her own nan, how painful. I have a feeling that was quite a blow for your daughter.

I already know you’ve probably managed to keep you cool… let your daughter know that you love her and you’ll do your best and your sorry she’s angry now… but as things calm down… cool down… you’ll still be there for her.

I’m sorry this is hitting you. Just after having such a positive visit too. I am rooting for you all that this cools down and things smooth out soon.


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