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Help, Bossy sister

Hello everyone, lately my sister has been extremely bossy with me and tells me to do everything for her as if I’m her personal assistant. She doesn’t ask, she just demands and in a rude way. I can’t tell her no because she will rant and get mad. I am her younger sister so I’m guessing this is why she is this way with me. She has mood swings so one moment she can be “nice” and other times she can text me some pretty mean stuff. Idk why because I’m so nice to her. She refers to me as her sister and says my name whenever she speaks to me but in the recent past she has had delusions about her family not being her actual family, idk if she’s being this way with me because she thinks I’m someone else or because of a different reason. Another thing is that she acts like she is so mature and no one can give her any advice because she will be stubborn and say she knows what she is doing and that she can do things herself, yet she does nothing herself. My parents do everything for her and I help all the time as well. Things she is responsible of doing my parents tell me to do for her. Anyone going through similar issues have any suggestions?

one thing i learned over the past few years with my son is not to take too close to heart any insults or criticism that are directed at me…he does not know his own mind…he doesnt want to say or do things hes told to say and do by the voices…the voices are responsible not the patient…just dont let yourself be too hurt by things she may say


I will try to take things lightly, thank you so much for your advice, I hope your son gets better.

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