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Daughter of SZ, heredity


I remember when I realized my dad’s monster had a name, schizophrenia. I went straight to our AOL web browser to Google search this strange creature living inside of him. This is when I first found I read about heredity and my risk. Ever since i’ve been worried about developing it. My therapists and counselors over the years have assured me that I don’t have any signs. But I do self-talk and daydream often. It scares me sometimes. I’m 21 years old, about to be 22. This is the time when it all begins. What if I wake up one day and I start experiencing things that are more than just a daydream? Will I fall down the rabbit-hole just like my dad?


My great grandfather died of a ‘paralyzing illness’ in the first half of the 20th century. My father died of Motor Neurone Disease a few years ago. Did my grandfather die of the same thing as my dad, before it even had a name? Can anyone say for sure it’s not hereditary?

Like you, I live with the knowledge that I may succumb to an inherited illness. I wonder each time I stumble or accidentally drop something, is this the beginning?

What you’re experiencing is not uncommon, all of us have something lurking in our genes if we care to look hard enough. Use the knowledge as a reminder to yourself to live each and every second of every day to the very best of your ability.


“Use the knowledge as a reminder to yourself to live each and every second of every day to the very best of your ability.”

That advice is so valuable. Thank you.

My mother had Parkinson’s for twenty five years. There are so many illnesses out there. Take care of ourselves the best we can. I’m walking to work today. Have a great one.


You are right, and thank you.


I’m another daughter of an scz parent.

Thank you as well.
It’s not a pleasant way to live…worrying all the time.


Do you ever feel doubtful of yourself/ unworthy of being typical-brained?


Yes…but far more when I was younger.
There are moments of each day where I doubt…
sometimes for long periods of time.

Probably the number one reason I entered therapy.

Strange thing is that I don’t “look” like I’m struggling with it.


same here… people say I look so happy and positive on the outside, but sometimes I am in so much pain.


Are you male or female. Most males start earlier I Think. You should see a therapist. The stress of worrying about it could make it more likely. Get on anti-anxiety medications if that helps.The lower your stress - the safer you are.


I also just read that Omega 3 from high quality fish oil is really protective against psychosis… Will find study and post.


There is scientific evidence that Omega 3 is a factor in brain development and has been proven to reduce inflammation, but many other claims are always preceded by the word ‘may’, like may reduce heart disease, may protect against development of cancer cells etc. Also, supplements can have side effects and can interact adversely with other medications.

So, by all means explore and investigate, but be careful. Much of what we need is in a balanced diet. I take a small daily dose of fish oil, I don’t experience any side effects, and I don’t take any other medication … just in case the ‘may’ turns out to be ‘does’.


Im in a relationship with a man with scz and hav been exploring our options to hav children. What i found to be #1 on my caution list is drug use & safe guard against any use of street drugs, especially methamphetamine & marijuana. So many scz cases, including my bf’s, that drug use played a huge factor in their psychosis


I am female. I have seen therapists for most of my life. My grandmother was hyper-aware of the signs of mental illness development (due to my father’s SZ) and she had me regularly evaluated by psychiatrists starting at 8 years old for things like my insomnia.But I am pretty typical, just concerned for my risk.


Of course there is no “absolute” reason/cause…but it all started with our daughter after using a VARIETY of drugs. Some at the same time including molly, meth, cocaine, heroin, xanax, and whatever else could be gotten a hold of.

Psychosis appeared out of nowhere. Hoped it was drug induced psychosis…but stayed. Been 3 years now and this is where we are. Suppose the cause isn’t too important anymore. This just is :confused: