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Destroyed cell phones laptops ROkU multiple times when psychotic

Has anyone else dealt with this behavior in their sick family member ? It happens when he has skipped a few pills. I am back to dispensing. Anyone dealt with a psychiatrist that won’t give meds for anxiety because patient failed a ursine test for pot?
I am going with my son to next appointment because I think he really needs med to decrease anxiety. I would control that also because my son couldn’t handle being responsible with it.

It’s a long , lonely road.

My son has smashed his phone when he was mad at me once. He also intentionally broke glasses at work which ended up cutting his hand so that he wouldn’t have to work. Is your son breaking these intentionally or breaking them by accident when trying to fix them. My son often thinks he can fix things when he can not and he breaks them. Like trying to replace my headlight on my car. I know it gets expensive. I am sorry he is doing this. Very frustrating!

No - Both times my son has been given meds he tested positive for pot. That doesn’t make sense that the doctor would not give him meds. Maybe it was a particular type of med?