Is my husband safe

Thank you in advance for anyone with experience that can contribute. My husband has had 3 psychotic episodes this year. The most recent was a few days ago. He was saying things like, ‘the kids aren’t mine they’re clones. Everyone’s a clone. Nothing is real.’ He spoke about suicide. He is currently hospitalized involuntary after he took off into the woods a few blocks from our house. He smokes a lot of pot. I know that contributed greatly. Can giving up pot alone bring him back to reality? He hasn’t been given a diagnosis yet but there has been a lot of talk about schizophrenia. My main concern is my kids 1 and 4. If he thinks they’re not his is he capable of hurting them and will I ever feel safe enough? After saying what he said is it possible to trust him again? Please help me.

From my experiences, he shouldn’t be around the children while he believes they are clones. Anyone who is experiencing a complete break with reality like that, shouldn’t be around children.

Medications can help, and, once he is stabilized on meds, you should be able to trust him with your children - as long as he stays on his meds and his therapist agrees.

Our family members often self medicate with pot. Sadly, in my son’s case, pot helped at first, later it made things worse.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I agree that he should not be around the kids. My fear is that he will say he doesn’t think they’re clones but he will believe that they are.

The same thing happened with my husband pot was really helping him but ultimately it led to this psychosis.

Thank you again.