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Do Schizophrenic people have their own thoughts?

I’m am here in desperate need of advice. My high-school sweet heart was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. We have been together for 12 years. When she first got sick it was really bad & she actually became homeless for 3 years refusing treatment. She refused to even speak to me for 3 years & r
Chose to roam the streets instead of getting help. Very randomly she reached out for help after 3 years. She was court ordered to get a shot & we have been happily back together for the last year & a half i felt like i finally had her back for good until she stopped taking her medicine without my knowledge 4 months ago & it has been a long scary journey yet again. I’m having a hard time. Knowing if she has her own thoughts, if decisions she’s making are her own or caused by the delusions & voices. She has been verbally & physically abusive & also cheat on me with a girl who didn’t know she was having episodes or about her diagnosis & she began to stalk and harass her to where she was calling & asking ME for help. She’s emotionless saying she doesn’t care about me & treating me like a enemy when I’m the only one trying to help her and it’s consuming and confusing to me because when she was on her medication or prior to her diagnosis she is the sweetest kindest person & now she is acting fearless, violent & scary. I dont know what to think. Does she want to be doing the things she is doing & im being foolish thinking otherwise. I keep telling myself & other its because I know who she really is underneath it all but im starting to forget and my family wants me to leave her alone but I feel guilty because I don’t want to give up on her if she n3eds me. With my family being protective and upset I don’t have much support or any one who could begin to understand my situation so any advice will help. I just want to know if her voice & thoughts & if she’s in there at all???

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Welcome @Tjanayrs. From what I’ve seen, if someone is delusional and hearing voices, they may not be having their own thoughts. The voices can take over in the worst of psychotic episodes. Meds are really crucial if it gets this bad.

In my son’s case, the psychosis was so bad that he willingly chose to take meds to get some relief from the abusive voices – at least I think that’s why he became compliant.

I hope your loved one can get to a psychiatrist she likes and will try antipsychotics again.


I suggest giving her an ultimatum. Get on meds or I leave, and make sure you deliver I n your promise. Give her a time to comply. You have to live a life.