My partner thinks I’ve been unfaithful and tried to do her harm

My partner has recently fallen in to state of psychosis. It looks like schizophrenia to me but no official diagnosis yet.
She believes I’ve been meeting up with our next door neighbour and that I have got her pregnant. She also hears voices coming through the wall and believes I have got one of these voices pregnant too.
She believes me and the neighbours have been trying to poison her, pumping gas in to the house through vents.she thinks there are cameras and microphones everywhere spying on her and that I have even put videos of us on porn sites.
None of this is true. She is very unwell. She is with her parents and the moment and being monitored by a home treatment team.
Has anyone else been through this.
I still love her just as much as I always have and do not want to lose her because of this illness.

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You don’t mention medications. In my experience it’s the only thing that works. Hopefully she is seeing a psychiatrist who can prescribe medications for her.

She is taking antipsychotic medication. Although I believe that can take up to 12 weeks to kick in.

Wouldn’t there have to be a diagnosis of schizoaffective, bi-polar or schizophrenia if she is taking AP drugs? From your description it sounds like schizophrenia, so I’d think her doctor would diagnose it as that.

If her medication is an antipsychotic like olanzapine or quetiapine, which are the ones I have experience with, they block dopamine and should kick in faster than 12 weeks. The person should start feeling more relaxed within the first week and then another few weeks before the full effect.

There is a titration schedule for the oral ones, which are the only kind my son has taken. Is she at the full dose yet, or is her doc increasing the dosage? There are reports of treatment-resistant SZ and clozapine is usually tried in that case.

I spoke to her yesterday and she tells me she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her parents weren’t sure.
I think she is taking Olanzapine and has for a few weeks at least.
She’s still very deluded though. She’s still worried about the neighbours poisoning her and me being unfaithful.
She wants to come home soon and be on her own. I don’t think she’s ready and I’m not sure she’ll be safe.

It does take a while to become stable, as in not hearing voices or being delusional. I think you’re right about not changing the setting if that is working for everyone concerned until a maintenance dose has been reached and the symptoms have gone away.

I don’t know what anyone can do to stop her.
I don’t think she’s being completely honest with the home treatment team and her parents are reluctant to share their concerns with them.
I want the to come home but not if she’s going to be alone and unsupervised.

You are not alone and it is wise that you are taking safety precautions. The positive thing is she is taking medications and if you want to help her, the best way is to help yourself by acceptance and knowledge about her brain disorder and getting support via NAMI support group. I think you can try LEAP at HA Center as well. Wish you the best.

Hi, I’m really sorry you’re going through this. Sadly - this is a really common delusion that we see on these forums.

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I totally understand. My husband’s accused me of setting him up, allowing someone to break into our home, giving someone a sex tape of us, and once they received it… He believed that he saw it on a movie screen. Schizophrenia can be very scary at times, when you’re not sure what mood they’ll be in from day to day. I’ve learned to just listen, don’t argue, don’t try to plead your case over and over. Tell them what’s true, what’s false, PRAY… And continue with your day. They’ll calm done, usually…