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Does anyone have problems with med after illness

Hi my daughter has problems with her meds every time she suffers flu or infections such as when she is put on an antibiotic . They donot cover her schzio-affective disorder that well that month this is usually the time she will have a relapse.The relapse can last as long as 5 weeks and then to a safe bed for another couple weeks.I have just figure this one out myself has anyone else notice this.She also takes injection .Something to be a ware of. I don’t know what it is but these doctor donot take the time to listen to their patients.I think this is something that should concern them.I feel if I don’t stay on top of everything they don’t seem to listen to her.


Wow, this is really concerning. Do you have the option to go to a different set of professionals for better treatment? -meaning professionals that will listen to your daughter’s needs and yours as well?

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Not exactly, but something related.

He got every cold. He even got “Fifths disease”, which is just a skin/rash infection that usually occurs when you’re really little (pre-school), but he was in the fourth grade. Another kid had it, but they didn’t have contact, as he was in the pre-school wing. Still, our son got it. (There was some health protocol that had to be implemented due to this, so it was a big deal that a 4th grader got it. He would be the one…)

I tell the family drs now that he gets everything. They discovered that the Seroquel was lowering his white blood cells, and after a great deal of stress and referrals, the conclusion was:

to get flu shot(s)
take vitamins
wash hands…etc.

He’s no longer public schooled, so that has helped. It was every month, every season…just: constantly…every stinking thing that came around in the entire State, he would get. The number of absences was insane!

IF he was sick…he would have psych breaks. Of course, a fever, messed up sleep, achiness…the stress alone was enough of a trigger, but add pain to the mix? Add a fever? It made for a long sickness, with a longer recovery.

I don’t miss those days…
he still gets sick, but as he prefers isolation, not so much.
He’s also a hand washing nut now.

(I say this with a grin…wish that obsession would rub off on his older brother.)

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I cant believ it he sounded just like my daughter.She was sick from the time she was born.She was allergic to everything that had colouring in it.She misses so much school.Everytime she be sick a new doctor would look at her.They could nevr seem to get how bad her illness where I believe it was because she had so many doctors looking at her such as in the emergency doctors walk in clinics etc.doctors taking over for other doctors.You are right I sure don’t miss those days.The battle has changed from physical now to mental illness.I do believe I think these mental illness will come back to be connected some how to the immune system I will be shocked if there are not

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No I live in Canada and I think she might be in a worst spot if she was moved to another Doctor.I live a small city in Canada with only one hospital.If she was to change doctors she would still have to be treated by her old doctors.We have a set of doctors who deal with hospital visit and no other doctors are allowed to come in the hospital and treat you.With her schzio-affected disorder she is in hospital usually once a year for a least 5 weeks.These hospital doctors are the ones who run everything.

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