Driving through clouds in the Canadian Rockies



Very cool. I bet the air is damn fresh out there.


I’ve made that drive many times. It’s about 6 hours from current home. Will be 4 hours away by Aug 1. Need to make another road trip.



That is so beautiful. One of these days I want to get up to Canada and see some of that scenery. Reminds me a little of our Great Smoky Mountains. If you look “down in the holler” you can see the lights of Gatlinburg.


Very cool.

My brother lives up and out that way, he does research in the Canadian Rockies. I’ve never been though as they apparently won’t let me in the country without special permission from the damn consulate because I had a DUI (in the US) in 2009.

But it looks beautiful.


that was beautiful, i love the mountains.
take care


Very beautiful. I’m glad you get to spend some more time with your daughter. I’m glad your trip went safely. Sorry about the car engine. Glad you were able to get it and have a reliable drive back.


I’m glad your guys wedding trip worked out. Have you graduated? How are the birthday plans coming?


I like mountains. I once drove through Pyrenees mountains when I went from the southern France to Barcelona.


When I went to the US Rockies (Colorado) the air was crisp and clean especially during the late 70s - I even drank from a stream :sunrise_over_mountains:


I went through my graduation. My oldest brother was very adamant that I would regret it if I let this pass me by. The road trip with my Mom was surprising. I think we got to know each other a bit better.

The wedding was big and chaos and in some ways, larger than life. I wasn’t in the wedding party so it was much less stress for me, but three of my brothers were. I have no idea how any of them made through. It took a toll on all of them.

Now it’s my birthday coming up. My day alone at the beach is now out of my hands.

I know my brothers mean well. But the plans are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So far it’s a Pirate/princess/ beach blast/ tea party. :smiley: I’m looking forward to see how this will turn out.

how was the rest of the drive? I really hope it was easier then the drive out.


I’m glad you and your mom got to spend some one on one time.

I think your brother wants to make up for lost birthdays :smile: It sounds like a pretty cool theme.

The drive back was sooo much better. On the drive out my hubby decided he wanted to cut down on his Ciprelax dose. Not a good idea. Also missed some doses due to driving so his anxiety/anger kind of took over. Between that and my son still not being stable in his mood, I honestly almost left them both on the side of the road just outside of Banff National Park at one point :blush: Once we got there and my hubby got back on the right dose then things calmed down. My son on the other hand is still struggling some. Missed some meds and was drinking while there. The night before last went to his friends and smoked weed and didn’t take his pills. It’s now 6 the next morning and he still hasn’t gone to sleep but I just got him to take his meds so hopefully he will pass out soon.