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First Trip Away Was a Big Success

As some of you know I was planning a trip away by myself to see my best friend from high school. I left Tuesday morning and just got back earlier today (Thursday) I had a good time and had a chance to talk and catch up with my very dear friend who is more like a sister to me than my own sister is.

My son did absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome with him. He followed his routine as he always does and texted me regularly, just checking in. He even handled a problem that re-occurred unexpectedly (one that we had several months ago with an invasion of carpet beetles in his bedroom) We had an exterminator out back in April and we thought that the carpet beetles were completely eradicated. My son found them again- crawling in his bedroom and cleaned everything like a professional and let me know what was up. So now we have another exterminator on his way again.

He even saved money out of the money I gave him to buy food with. He pretty much behaved just as he would have had I been here. You can’t get any better than that. I’m very proud of him and will plan another getaway for myself sometime in the future. Just wanted to share the good news.


That’s so great! Such a difficult thing to even think about doing, for me. You give me hope that someday I can do this and it will be ok!

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It took me 12 years but so worth it :slight_smile:


Bravo! Knowing you can take a trip is very liberating for both of you. Good news on this site gives us all hope!


I’m so happy it worked out well for both of you!

Glad you had fun, and I bet it made your son feel good that he handled everything fine on his own - including the beetles.



Such good news. Way to go, your son!!

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I think he gained some confidence!


That’s great news, Catherine! I’ve been thinking about you and your trip and wondering how it went. Probably did you both a great deal of good. I’m sure your son is proud of handling everything just fine while you were gone! It’s such a relief when we jump one of these hurdles!


That is awesome news Catherine! I’m sure you feel regenerized and your son very proud of himself! Thanks for the update! Gives me hope I will be able to do the same someday. :blush: