Embrace the Chaos

So, all of us share a common reality. We all love someone that is schizophrenic. While they face an unimaginable challenge within their self, we are on the sidelines encouraging them or ready to catch them if they should fall. We lose sleep. We have high anxiety. We get depressed. We feel the financial stress. But we are not alone. Someone somewhere is struggling similarly to you. I would love to hear some success stories so we may learn from each other. My partner, a father of two, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia almost a year ago and I love him dearly. We still haven’t found anything that works for him.


I wish I had a success story to share with you, but thank you for reminding me that I am not alone.

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We are still working on our success story. I don’t comment a lot except to offer support or ask questions because I feel like I still don’t know much other than that this is hard and challenging for our whole family. It is nice to know we’re not alone.

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We are not alone in this…I will say this with all of my heart and soul…each and every one of us who are engaged in the recovery of our loved ones are united…we are united in a way that anyone outside just cannot understand…I love you all so very much for what you are going through and the support that you give…It helps me more than I can say…In all honesty…maybe we can look at ourselves and reflect…we have been given a gift…the gift of being able to care and to love unconditionally…WE ARE SPECIAL!!!..please remember this…please understand how very important we all in the treatment process…we are not alone…we all have the hopes and prayers of everyone in our position…and if by me saying prayers is offensive…then remove that word…we all still have our hopes and our love for one another…someday we will get an answer…and we will share what is working…Let me post this for now and see if I know how to post…If it goes in I will follow up with a bit of success to share…Much Love to All…talk soon