Family Update

I don’t want to keep posting update when I don’t fully know what’s going on but we’re basically getting calls from my uncle who visits my grandpa regularly. He’s back in the hospital, but I don’t think he’s in intensive care. Yet they’re telling us there’s nothing more they can do for him. He was pulling out the IV’s used to feed him because he said he was ready to go. He’s also suffering from Altimeters and dementia.

He had to have the feeding tubes put in originally because they found a hole in his throat and it wasn’t letting food get to his stomach. Originally he told them it was okay, but now about a month later he’s in a much worse state of mind. Not to mention they have him on a bunch of blood thinners yet he’s still getting clots in his feet. Usually my uncle would call us about week or two whenever he visits, he called twice this week and is basically telling us to be ready for a call to come up there…that it is only a matter of time.

It’s sad to think about that his birthday is on the 30th and he’ll be 90 years old, if he reaches that far. I wonder if that is what he’s hanging on for. He was enlisted in the Navy during world war II but wasn’t sent to fight, he was just stationed at a base in California where my mom was born. He graduated from Notre Dame University and despite being mostly German has supported the fighting Irish for as far back as I could remember. He and my grandmother were married for over 40 years before she died 2001 of multiple health problems. He remarried but lost her to cancer. After he lost her he started going down hill. But that’s a lot for a man to go through. He was very strong with numbers and liked to play the stock market despite having a full time as an accountant most of his life.

He has lived a long and full life having two children with his first wife (my grandmother) and 6 grandchildren (me, plus my brother, and 4 cousin’s – one who is in a 3 year med student) plus one grandchild who will be learning how to drive this coming year.I to think of him in pain, but at the same time it will be sad to lose someone who has always been a part of my life.

If I suddenly disappear for a few days without saying anything then I had to make an unexpected (yet somewhat expected) trip to Chicago to attend his funeral.

It’s a very hard situation when you have an elderly loved one suffering. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I do hope that the family has a chance to come to terms with this and enjoy the time left.

I will be hoping for strength for your family.

Thank you for the update. I know it’s hard waiting. When the time comes try to celebrate his life as 90 years is a lot of living. :purple_heart:

Both my parent are in their 80s - knock on wood they are doing ok healthwise. My mom has moderate alzheimers and needs a walker to get around and my dad is doing ok - thank God, but I know that whatever happens they had a fulfilling loving life together - I guess its all part of the circle of life
Wishing you well and try to take care of yourself as you go through this rough time

I am saying prayers for you and your family OO

Thanks for the support everyone. Nothing has happened, yet. We’re still waiting for word. We don’t even have an idea when it could happen and I think that is the hardest thing to deal with right now, just not knowing and not knowing if he is in any pain or not. It’s not easy for us to travel up to Chicago so it’s hard to keep up to-date.