Father's Surgery

My dad is going into the hospital tomorrow because he is having surgery done on his double hernia. It has me very panicked about what can happen while he’s there and am trying to keep myself calm so when he comes home I can be able to help take care of him. I may or may not be on until I know more, because as I said my panic levels are very high and I’m trying to keep myself from having a panic attack…sometimes support sites like these can trigger my symptoms because it brings the reality of the situation to my attention and at this time I need to not be so tense. So don’t be worried if I’m not for a day or two while I wait to hear about my dad.

Good luck to you and your father.

Hoping the best for you and your Dad.

Please don’t panic about your Dad. I know it’s so hard not to…

One thing that helped me ALOT when my kid sis had her stomach surgery was finding out how common the operation was… how it had a very good success rate and sort of what the procedure really was.

I did NOT get this info off the web… that would have really messed me up. I got the info from @radmedtech.

I hope you can maybe talk to a nurse or doc and sort of get the low down about this operation really entails… hopefully it’s something that is not too hard to fix.

best wishes for a strong recovery.

You are a good caregiver to your father although you are a patient yourself.

Hope everything goes well!

Dad’s home from his surgery, he isn’t as bad as we thought he would be. He can move around and get up and down on his own, he’s just slightly slower at it as he has to be careful for the stitches in his stomach. He can’t do any heavy lifting, or bend up and down to frequently, they gave him some pain medication and he doesn’t seem to be in much pain so at least that’s a good thing. It’ll just take him a bit to get back to himself again. At least he’s home and nothing went wrong with the operation, they found out he had three hernia’s instead of just the double hernia they thought he had and the surgery took longer than they thought it would since they had to remove all three but he shouldn’t be in much pain any more once his body heals and that’s a positive outcome.

Good for you and your family.

I am glad for you and your family.