Fears and love of being a mother

Some discussions I usually like to avoid because I hate the triggers for fear. But I am triggered myself and sometimes it is good for us to get together to talk about things we fear and our reactions.
I have come on here today because a local mum here on the Goldcoast Australia has died at the hands of her son who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
My son has paranoid schizophrenia so when I saw the sons photo in the news it was easy to see the struggles of his lovely mum. It is a fearful predicament that I have for myself that this could be me someday. It is not easy to let go of my unwell son, I would love to be able to let go and never have to deal with it.
I am fortunate that my son is being treated and we have amazing National Disability Support in Australia that my son is participating, I would have lost all hope if I didn’t have this. My son is stable but experiencing delusions daily. But I have stuff I try to manage at the moment with him but I know won’t be able to keep up and things will become a big problem soon or later. E.g. He wants to leave the country so he can get off his medication…… can you imagine it?
I have to say it’s always difficult and I am always having to think creatively around my son.

Sending love to you all :heart:


If he’s still experiencing delusions while on meds he might not be at the right dosage. Perhaps get a second opinion?


My mom is on quetiapin 300mg per day and she has no delusions. So I think too that your son isn’t on the right dosage

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It would be great also if after getting stable, you take him to occupational therapy and read him stories and make him tell you stories so that his vocabulary will grow and he would feel more useful

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And remember that from my experience (4 times) it takes at least 3-6 months after treatment till delusions disappear completely

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Thank you all for pointing out about the medication not being right. I agree that his dose isn’t enough but the treating psychiatrist isn’t listening
I need to ask why he doesn’t adjust the dose
What happened was they removed a drug because it was depleting his testosterone, then we noticed delusions more. A second reduction in dose was when they found too much in his bloods. Altogether he has had two reduction in the medication treatment.
I can’t get a second opinion but I need to push the matter further.
I really appreciate you for taking the time to say something :heartpulse: