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Fixed delusions

Does anyone’s family members have fixed delusions. Son has been constant with this one. It relates back to last year. Here goes.
He used his bank card in a bar and spent £8 , later that night he met a stranger a guy who he had a few drinks with. Guy stole sons wallet while drunk. He used it to value of £40 which son got back via his bank instantly.

Then a bit later son started to say he hadn’t spent the cash , he used a contactless payment method, he’s saying it was set up so when he put his card there it’s him paying for a “holiday” and that’s what they,lol call it when they Abduct him, bundle him in a car and traffick him to Afghanistan. (He has the British embassy number in Kabul stored on his phone) sad isn’t it.

He also brings up that then he was discharged from hospital last Aug, one of the nurses said “enjoy your holiday” that meant they knew about the abduction (that’s not happened)
Anyone similar?

Yup. Some come and go as the medication changes. I seriously cannot list them all because the list is highly incredible. The most persistent one is that everything needs to be in glass jars, he just throws the medications on there; if they’re not there he won’t take them. He’ll literally pour soda into orange juice in a glass jar. Is afraid of soap and consuming water, so he won’t even clean them. It’s a complete mess. And then all the crazy stuff about society that perplexes him and how he thinks people are sending him messages and he can read their minds and put thoughts into them. I could go on, but I’m gonna have to do this with the psychiatrist in 4 days so I don’t want to stress myself early.

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It takes so much out of you I get that. Let us know how you get on at the psychiatrist. Thinking of you.

My son continues to have many fixed delusions, regardless of medication. Whenever he is stressed, they seem to become more important again.

His delusions center on his beliefs about him being involved with the military or CIA in some way, and also about aliens. These cause him to be very paranoid. I am not sure these will ever go away. Medication has controlled the internal stimuli (the voices) which make it easier for him to focus on something other than the delusions. The voices reinforce the delusions.

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Yes, it really does. Thank you, I’ll try to keep you guys updated.

The psychiatrist didn’t change the medication. Told him he needs a general doctor and that he needs blood work every six months and likely has a urinary infection. He doesn’t want to do blood work or think he has one, but I told him the same thing last week. There’s nothing I can do further than take him to his appointments and let the rest roll on its course.


So frustrating , take each day as it comes. My son wont do bloodwork either.

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Same here with my daughter, despite a cocktail of medication.

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Yeah. :frowning: meow meow meow

Yeah my mum believes she is a healer with powers including mind reading. sent from the lord and everybody is out to get her because of who she is, new things are added to her story or change quite frequently but the fact she is a magical healer is always the same ive learnt that trying to encourage that what she believes is untrue only causes more problems