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Still the same delusions

My son 26 next week, has now been on aripiprazole oral med 15mg for 6 weeks now, previously paliperidone then zuclopenthixol depot.

He’s being more vocal than he was on the two depots , he has gone back in some ways of “blaming us for not warning him” selling his soul when he was young etc , all those delusions were magnified a couple of years ago before meds.

He is scared, no amount of reassuring from us works.
He’s has written this today, not sure who it is for .

“Please can I have a chance in the new year? I need to change and wake up before it is too late. Please can it be the little pill as I won’t be able to swallow the bigger one.
I’m getting more and more instances of hearing people’s inner speech and they are trying to warn me, I need to change and then disspear .
The difficult part is letting go of my parents but I,ll do it as I have to.
Terrorists are watching me . They aren’t even doctors, they just hate me because of my religion. They have had it in for me since I was young.
I think the gypsy who stole from me generated dodgy receipts is the IRA.
They want to kidnap me in a bullet proof cat when I’m knocked out I want to be me again.
They are trying to get me into the sex trade . I used to serve on the altar in church!! I don’t want to leave it to chance and lose.

Now I’m not meant to have seen this, but am more vigilant these days as every day he talks about this.
He didn’t talk so much about it while on paliperidone , zuclopenthixol though either but that made him too numb and slow.

What’s next as I know he will resist any change in meds.
Is he getting worse, is the aripiprazole really not working.
Sorry for such a long post :pensive:

A guy did steal his wallet over a year ago, he met a random guy, drank in pubs with him the guy stole his wallet and used my sons card spending £30.

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For mine, something real like that (the man stealing your son’a wallet) strengthens my son’s delusions. I can see how afraid you are when he does leave, they will act on those delusions. So very sorry, glad you looked at these expressions of your son’s delusions. We have to know what it going on in their thoughts.

I hope the people on this forum who are more familiar with meds will be able to help you.


Make sure the doctor sees it and I’m glad you documented it. I want to get better about that also. Things can go relatively smoothly for awhile then bam.
I did see my son’s episode coming but I really was hoping that little bit of AP was helping him sleep and begin to stabilize.


Hi Jane. I will always be skeptical if my son is on daily oral meds, as opposed to a depot injection. Are you absolutely sure he’s ingesting the oral meds? Even with meds that disintegrate, we can be fooled. I was.

Also, how long has he been experiencing these setbacks? Could it be temporary stress that’s causing this?

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My son’s religious delusions seemed to subside when he was in hospital taking 30 mg Aripiprazole but they changed this to depot which means he is getting less than half the tablet dose he was originally taking. His delusions about being a prophet and talking to the Holy Spirit and ager at us are back now but he has no insight and thinks he’s fine.

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Day-by-day , interesting well we don’t “see” him take the meds.
Later last night he was sitting with hubby in siting room listening to his headphones, there was some chat and laughter I could hear from them. Son later hugged Dad and said love you dad … much better than the night before when he was never a father to him and he let this happen etc etc. It’s just so erratic .

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What med is your son on Now, is it still aripiprazole? 30mg seems a high dose or is my son at 15 a relatively low dose .

Thanks mom. Yes I will have to ask dr not to disclose this though or the trust will go.

He’s on a 400mg monthly Aripiprazole depot which he accepts as he has no side effects but it works out at only 13mg a day and it isn’t working. Unfortunately he has no insight and really believes he has special God given powers. He is angry with his dad and myself - we can’t reason with him at all as he says we arranged admission just because he is religious and he won’t speak to us.

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I’m thinking of you. It seems some things come st a real high price. No side effects great but no insight no so great, blame ~not great .
How old is your son?

I am so sorry.
It seems sometimes the only way they are not scared is when they are drugged to the point of apathy. Even then they know they are not really enjoying life. Sometimes it is a toss up between apathy and terror. It breaks my heart to watch this struggle.
I wish I had an answer for you. My son currently is avoiding all medicine…including Tylenol for muscle aches. So I cannot comment on anything related to meds!
Without meds things do get a bit interesting around here. We did stumble on something this year though…
He has agreed is to be careful about what he watches and listens too on the internet or TV, movies and music or read (when he is choosing to watch/read). We have found that anytime he listens to music with dark messages he is impossible to be around. Movies with suspense themes make his paranoia skyrocket. And unfortunately the same can be said about major news sources. I know it sounds a bit Polly Anna like but when he listens/watches/reads things with a positive outlook the fear decrees for a bit. If it works without meds, maybe it would with whatever med he is taking??
And we do acknowledge when things happen that tie into delusions. Like the theft of the wallet. Rather than pick apart his words to describe the situations we just say yes that happened and isn’t it sad people chose to act that way. A subtle shift away from him to the people that actually do the action.
Of course with this illness, everything is a crap shoot. Hoping you find something that brings relief soon.